The Most Beautiful Revelation Of All Times


Pyramid Apocalypsia, by Jean Seimple.



      At this moment or your eyes are focused on these words, you do not yet know that your vision of the world will probably change forever.


Now your mind is in the future, because you are wondering what I will be able to reveal to you.


And there it is in the past, because you are perhaps thinking back to what you just learned...


Yes, take some of your time for the Architect of the Great Pyramid, for believe me, no one deserves it as much as he does...



More than two years ago, we revealed to you that the plan of the pyramid was a very precise map of the Earth, that the chambers symbolized their house before and after a catastrophe and indicated their respective geographical positions.

Reconstituted Neolithic houses,

J. Roethlisberger / © Laténium, Neuchâtel  [1]


This house was Antarctica, formerly called Atlantis, and thanks to the coordinates provided by the pyramid and to the NASA radar maps, we located under the ice of the Antarctic, two cities corresponding exactly to the description given by Plato.



We also revealed to you that the meridian of Greenwich secretly commemorated the present position of Atlantis, as the meridian of the pyramid indicated its previous position. We have transmitted to you the warning messages of the pyramid, the secret links between the pyramid of Kheops and the Bible as well as dozens of other information... Today we will make a new revelation... the most beautiful revelation of all time....






     What you will learn in this article is simply to understand how the Great Architect of the Pyramid worked, the references he used, the method, the information he wanted to convey.

This is the original plan of the Great Architect and what we are going to discover together, far exceeds what we could perceive until now. What we discovered is simply extraordinary and the conclusions that follow are vertiginous...


On December 6, 2016, we showed through a video [2], that the Great Pyramid was an extremely precise representation of our planet, for it included in its dimensions the factor of flattening of the earth calculated by Isaac Newton in 1684 according to the laws of universal gravitation which he had just discovered .


For those who are allergic to the terms a little complicated, the factor of flattening of our planet, comes from a little "belly" at equator due to its rotation and that the poles are slightly flattened. It is therefore not a perfect sphere.


The ellipsoid is exaggerated for ease of reading.


This very precise flattening factor acts as a signature affixed to the bottom of a sheet, which makes it unique and makes it possible to identify our planet. He tells us that there are 11 km less at the pole, which are in this " little belly"  [A(The details of the mathematical calculations will be presented in appendix so as not to weigh down the article and will be noted with a letter.)


Following this video, we received a few remarks explaining that the flattening factor of our planet accepted by the scientific community, was not quite the same as the one we used in our calculations.



This remark was rather odd, since the usual argument of detractors against non-patented researchers is that we should base ourselves on true scientific facts and by referring to the one of the greatest scientists, some still questioned our results by rejecting our scientific reference.


Nevertheless, experience has taught me that we must always listen attentively to criticism, for if it is posited in a legitimate and courteous manner, it will only benefit it for enrichment and knowledge Of each of us.


First of all, we must put these elements in perspective:


The difference between the value, 0.004347 or 1/230 of Newton [3] and the official value, 0.003355 or 1/298  of the World Geodetic System, W.G.S [4] corresponds to a difference of only 3 km [B] for the polar and equatorial rays of the earth, (the belly is 14 km instead of 11 km...) on a scale of over 6300 km! Let us admit that we should not throw the baby with the bath water.


Small reminder: circumference earth / A scale / Rate flattening of Newton = 921.72 m.



This rate of flattening of our planet is obviously not fixed in time and is modified according to the distribution of the masses composing it, continental shelf, oceans, magma, etc. as shown by this scientist news [5], who explains that the earth is tending towards a flattening.


Those who follow our work, know that we have presented to you the message of the builders, who explains that the earth suffered a severe cataclysm about 11000 years ago, during which the Antarctic continent was displaced, Position closer to the equator, towards its present position at the South Pole.


In 1955, convinced ("electrified" in his own words) by the work of American academic Charles Hutchins Hapgood, Albert Einstein had given a scientific explanation for this brutal displacement of the earth's crust [6].



All the information that we have decoded has invariably confirmed this message and the only obstacle for our theory to become a reality is that Antarctica has been at the South Pole for at least several million years, according to the scientific community .


Except that this obstacle which seemed to us impassable also fell, thanks to the scientific evidence that we published on June 4, 2017,  through a video Which shows that in the recent past, Antarctica could not be at the South Pole.


This microscopic plant sample comes from a piece of peat moss in perfect preservation, as freeze-dried, that is to say it has undergone a rapid freezing and therefore supports our hypothesis of a brutal displacement of the continent Antarctica.


Screenshot of the video.


This piece of peat moss was discovered at a depth of drilling, not of 1000 m or more, as we are accustomed to hear it, but with two blows of shovels... before the eyes of a camera and you'll see for yourself.




This proof of vegetation was covered under a  layer of volcanic ash in perfect condition, and testifies also to the cataclysm.


You will also see a piece of Southern Beech wood (Nothofagus antarctica), whose geographical distribution is between latitude, 36° South and Tierra del Fuego, 56° South [7].


Geographical distribution of Nothofagus, Wikipedia.


This piece of wood was also found just beneath the surface, close to the geographic South Pole, the coldest place on earth and the scientist's words are eloquent, this piece of tree date of a relatively recent period and is not fossilized, but petrified and could If ignited, still burn ...


You can see all this, along with other information in this video: Antarctic / Atlantis: Scientific Evidence of the Cataclysm [8] or simply going on my  Youtube channel, Jean Seimple.



What does the Newton flattening factor tell us?


He tells us, mathematically, that the polar ray of the Earth (polar does not mean north and here we are talking about the South Pole) was smaller by 3 km compared to today...

Antarctica, which I remind you, has an area of more than 14 million square kilometers, far more than Europe, 10 million km², is the highest continent in the world, with an average altitude of 2300 m, an eastern plateau of about ten million square kilometers, covered with an important layer of ice that can reach more than 4000 meters [9], so the geographic South Pole has an altitude of 2.83 km... [10]


                                                         North Pole                                                                       South Pole


Crédits : ESA/AOES Medialab. 


This means that if you withdraw the Antarctic from the South Pole, the polar radius will decrease by about 3 km, because you will have a simple pack ice of just 3 m of altitude comparable to that of the North Pole because of The absence of a continental plateau [11].


                       Antarctica at the South Pole                                                                       Before its displacement.


And since this continent did not volatilize, it increased the equatorial radius by about 3 km (we know that Antarctica was not at the equator), this flattening factor of 1/230,  Is a mathematical and symbolic way of indicating the displacement of the Antarctic !



Now let us put this hypothesis:


that this Great Architect knew the exact dimensions of our planet and therefore the official geometrical flattening factor of 1/298, but that he deliberately used that of 1/230, to transmit this information to us, which is obviously, Of great importance.



Now we have to prove it to you ...




The demonstration.




To demonstrate this conjecture, we must develop this mathematical demonstration. In other words, to show you that the Architect knew the true rate of flattening of our planet and therefore the dimensions of the Earth that are used by all the scientists of our time.


How could the Architect find a way to reconcile these two apparently contradictory elements? The answer is simple: it is the greatest intelligence that has been given me to see and an unimaginable will.

Eloquent remarks which seem to you a little abusive... Well no, it is the strict truth. when I understood the plan of the architect, shivers ran through my body...


In short, let us stop the suspense and without further delay, let us begin these explanations and especially this demonstration. Do not be afraid, we will proceed as usual in the simplest and most clearly possible way, all embellished with illustrations so that everyone can easily understand it.


Here are the official dimensions [12] of our planet, which correspond to the flattening factor of 1/298 of the WGS.



The calculation of the flattening rate of 1/298 is explained in the image :



The next sketch shows you what is called the average volumetric radius, it simply corresponds to the earth's radius if it was a perfect sphere while preserving its volume. In a way, it is the true dimension of our planet, because without any outside influence, it would have that radius.


Its computation is somewhat complex and does not correspond exactly to the average of the two radii.


More simply, its value is given to us by the WGS: 6371 km



Now we will calculate the proportion between these two figures... why? Because proportion is the universal way to convey information. If the radius of the Earth is 6371 km for a Frenchman, It is 3958 miles for an American. By using a proportion, they will both have the same value.



6378.137 km / 6371.008 km = 1.0011189...


This geometric proportion is a unique and universal signature of our planet, it is very evolved, since in addition to its dimensions, it includes the exact volume of the earth.


Whatever the standart you use, even an imaginary palm, you will find this geometric proportion.



To do this, you have to know the exact dimensions of the earth with your standard and know how to calculate the volumetric average radius of the perfect earth, in order to find this proportion.


So the Architect has a geometric proportion based, remember, on the exact dimensions of the earth and now he needs a standard.


What is this standard chosen by our architect ?


The answer to this question, I found it and it is extraordinary !



The architect has chosen for standard : the Time !


Yes, it's incredible, Time! It sounds insane, but you will understand everything [13].


The architect chose the Time that our planet takes to make a turn on itself in 24 hours, 86,400 seconds [14].

This time that our planet makes a turn on itself is indirectly the circumference of the earth but above all, its flattening ! (Time > speed >centrifugal force > flattening.)


                                                                                                                                                                                                              Pyramid Apocalypsia &




We will now reduce the size of this standard of 86400 seconds and divide it by one million, or ten percent of the official scale used for the meter.



We obtain by this principle a percentage of 8.64%.

This percentage, I will convert it into multiplier coefficient.



To make simple, here an example : 400 + 2% = 408, it is also 400 x 1.02 = 408


So we have a coefficient of 1.0864.


Here are the dimensions  of the Pyramid of Cheops [15]  :



We have an average perimeter of: 230.357 x 4 = 921.42 m or 0.92142 km


I will now take the exact geometric proportion of our planet quoted above: 1.0011189 and divide it by our coefficient 1.0864.


Here is the result :



An accuracy of 8 cm on practically 1 km ! The unit of measure in km does not matter, only the proportion, if we want a result of 921.5 m, just multiply the geometric rate, 1.00011189 per thousand. This is what we are going to do to be consistent with the plan of the architect.

As a result our standard of 1.0864, becomes a metric standard of 1.0864 m.


What can we deduce from it ? Two things :

  1. That the Architect knew perfectly the dimensions of our planet, its factor of flattening of 1/298 or 0.0033528... and of its average volumetric radius computed by the World Geodetic System of the Earth.


  2. That the Architect used the time and the 86400 seconds of a 24-hour day.


We will now enter into a little deeper reflection.


Starting from Newton's flattening factor (1/230), I fell practically on the same result, so the stantard of Architect 1.0864 must theoretically correspond to Newton's flattening factor...


Here is the rate of Newton: 1/230 or 0.0043478


I will multiply this rate by 1000 (as the Architect did with the geometric rate), we get:


0.0043478 x 1000 = 4.3478


This rate of 4.3478 is a calculation compared to a circle, and if I seek a relationship with the standard of builders of 1.0864 meters, I must remain consistent and divide this rate by 4, since our meter does not correspond to a circle, But only a quarter of the "circle" of our Earth [16].


 Our meter is only a quarter of a circle, Wikipedia.


Rate of Newton :  4.3478 / 4 =    1.0869 (1/230)

Standard of the Architect :        1.0864  (1/230.117) 


We have the mathematical link between 86400 seconds and the Newton rate (0.117 of 230.117, corresponds to a microscopic difference of 3 m on Earth...)


We have thus made it clear that the architect knew the exact dimensions of the earth, but that he drew our attention to a different configuration of our planet.


A scientist would have noticed the strange similarity with the rate of gravitational flattening or dynamic form factor of the Earth, whose official value given by the United States Naval Observatory, is 1.0826 (x 1000 as always); to read for the most curious > [].


To close this demonstration, here is a second way to confirm mathematically the starting hypothesis: 


Equatorial perimeter

  40075.017 km

Southern perimeter

  40007.864 km


(Note the last three decimal...)


40 041 440 m is the average circumference of the Earth.


0.0043456 or 1 / 230.117 the geometric flattening rate of 1.0864 [D].


40 041 440 / 0.0043456 = 9 214 248 895


9 214 248 895 / 10 000 000 (scale of our meter) = 921.42 m !


Perimeter of the Great Pyramid of Khéops:            921.42 m !


The architect of the Great Pyramid  had simply used the average perimeter of our planet of radius 6372.793 km, in a perfect circle (confirmed in this article), which is less than 2 km near that of the  volumetric radius ( the perfect sphere of radius 6371 km) shown above and that is all my journey that I wanted to share with you. The rate of flattening of 1/230 that the architect wanted to mount us was before our eyes, with the 230 meters side of the pyramid...




 I realize today, how much I missed the evidence a year ago... In the previous demonstration, I had used the equatorial perimeter of the earth, whereas it was he who suffered the most centrifugal force, responsible for the flattening, and applied a second flattening rate, that of Newton, then that the perimeter or average radius are neutral... But I do not regret, because it allowed me to continue to seek the reason for this slight vagueness and lead to what you discover...




    I had discovered more than two years ago that the Great Pyramid of was the most magnificent memorial dedicated to humanity, but I could never have imagined that this message of memory could go so far, leaving us Representation of the Earth as it was before this disaster.


The pyramid of Cheops is mathematically the Earth or more precisely, the southern hemisphere of our planet with Antarctica closer to the equator.



If the top of the pyramid had no pyramidion or it was gilded to symbolize the sun, it was because there was no land at the South Pole and secretly signified by The Founding Fathers on the Great Seal of the United States of America.


The aim of the architect was not to impress us with technical and scientific capabilities, but simply to pass on what happened about 11,000 years ago. He thus left us innumerable mathematical proofs, the only ones able to overcome the lies of men and inscribed in stone, to overcome time.


A formidable debauch of energy and intelligence at the service of memory and universal compassion.



As I said in the introduction, all this is not yet the most extraordinary, for the conclusion for everyone of common sense and logical spirit is simply dizzy...


If the tragedy of our planet is mathematically retranscribed by the rate of flattening of 1 / 230.1 and it corresponds to the 86400 seconds of a day on Earth of 24 hours, what does that mean?


What would be the conclusion that a scientist of a man endowed with good sense would draw?


That it is statistically impossible that 1/230.1 which mathematically represents the catastrophe, corresponds to our 24 hours and its 86 400 seconds by chance!


So it was the architect of the pyramid who had to fix these 86400 units as a reference, to mark a day on earth!



The architect of the great pyramid has changed our time in memory of the victims, so that one day we can read and understand his message engraved in the pyramid!


For those who read me for the first time and think that this is a mere coincidence, know that the architect has left us extraordinary proofs and that you will discover...



        After the catastrophe, the servants of this great Architect were sent to the four corners of the earth to restore the peoples who had fallen back to the Stone Age and restored to them all the sciences and the knowledge that they had lost. It was at this point that they explained to the men, that they would now divide the day in 24 hours, an hour in 60 minutes and 1 minute in 60 seconds, for their ancestors, for there was the will of this Great Architect.


What is magnificent is that he used the exact dimensions of the earth, as if it were a perfect sphere while preserving its volume. Now, in order for the Earth to become this perfect sphere, the earth must stop turning and thus, stop time…


I had revealed in 2015 and confirmed on December 12, 2016, that your everyday life was beating to the rhythm of Atlantis through the meridian of Greenwich, the reference meridian which rhythm, like a heart, of all the clocks in the world... today I Reveals you, that time was their blood...


If man has forgotten his story, if men kept it hidden, know that time, our time, will always remember it.


But this is only the beginning of the most beautiful revelations of our time, as I told you, the most incredible is coming ...




Meaning of the angle of the Pyramid



If the standard 86400 of the Pyramid was the factor of flattening of the Earth, about 11 000 years ago and was written in our time, I will explain, that it also modified the circle dividing it in 360° , A value intrinsically linked to the division of our time with the 3600 seconds of an hour.


Do you think you can build a small wall of an exact length of 100 m by putting at your disposal all available technical means?


You will answer me of course yes and I will answer you... no!


You have built your wall, it is extraordinarily accurate with exactly 100 m thanks to the use of a magnificent laser.

I now ask you to borrow your measuring device and wait until night has fallen to observe the laser light.

Unfortunately, contrary to what you thought, your wall is not 100 m but 99.98 m...


A little story, to explain more seriously, that a physical dimension is related to its temperature and that it is therefore impossible to transmit a physical dimension through time without this reference.



On the other hand, the peculiarity of an angle is that it will retain much more value over time, even if half the building collapses... another example :


Draw a square with its 45 ° angle on a deflated balloon and then inflated it... You will see that this angle of 45 ° is always present while all dimensions of the balloon have been modified in space.



Is not there a good way for this architect to inscribe his standard there?


It was, too, before our eyes...


Standard of the architect 86400 seconds.


0.86400 hour =                          51 '50.40 "


Slope of the Pyramid [17] :      51° 50' 40 " 


The standard was inscribed in the slope !



Now take the two "most famous" numbers in the universe:


The Golden and Pi and divide them.


You get:                                        0.515036 ! exactly 0.515040 with 1.6180 / 3.1415.



This mathematical proportion is universal, wherever you are in the universe, you will find this proportion in this numerical form, and in order to make this immutable proportion correspond with the angle of the pyramid, you must draw up a particular graduation of the circle, Made by the architect of the Great Pyramid [E].


A reader once asked me why some megalithic peoples of Great Britain and Armorican Britain as well as certain Cretan peoples, used a geometry based on a circle of 366 ° [18] considered sacred and superior to the ours?

Today, I want to answer him, that he did not ask the right question, which was:

Why do we have a 360° geometry?


The 366° was a natural division of time with the 365.25 days composing a solar year and dividing the circle in 366° was a natural sequence. So it was this one that the men used before the cataclysm.


It was not her the sacred geometry, but ours...


The plan of the architect. [F]





The height of the Pyramid




      Knowing now that the master word is the Time, you will, I hope, make the link with the height of the Great Pyramid, proposed by Fabien Pardo.


A few months before I discovered this famous standard of time of the Architect on 1 August 2017, Fabien had noticed that the height of the Great Pyramid corresponded strangely to the distance between the earth and the sun but in the past.

When he showed me his work, I found it very plausible but above all, incredibly coherent at the date indicated, since it corresponded to the one I was giving.


Unfortunately it was not possible for me to connect his research because the architect could not interact on so many factors at once:


  • A height that gives information.

  • A perimeter that gives information.

  • An angle that gives information.


In my opinion it was mathematically impossible, unless it were, the Master of the Circle and Time...


Fabien's analysis corresponded precisely to the architect's message of showing us the earth as it was in the past.


The height between the ground, our earth, and the pyramidion at the top that symbolizes the sun, indicated the distance between the earth and the sun before the catastrophe. In addition to this extraordinary message of memory, the architect gave us a period to be able to date this catastrophe.



Height of the Pyramid:



                                                              Side average                         Perimeter                              Height

Pétrie                                                    230.348                                  921.392                                 146.714

JH Cole                                                230.364                                  921.456                                 146.73

Dorner                                                 230.360                                  921.44                                   146.65





Distance Earth-Sun in Time [19] :




This height gives us for the date a range of about -11,000 years to about -15,000 years, or about 9,000 BC and 13,000 BC.



 The Height is also related to time [20].



We will now open a new door...



       The date that I give in my book is 8900 BC, (visible in this video at 16'49'') , that I made correspond to the arrival of a planet in our solar system, the responsible for this catastrophe. It is slightly different from that of Robert Bauval who is the author of the theory of a dating with the Sphinx [21] .


This date may have finally found its archaeological proof, in addition to the confirmation of the arrival of a star in the sky, with a new scientific study on the famous steles of the site of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, summarized in an article Of the magazine L'Obs, published July 21, 2017 [22] and of which the following are excerpts:


" There would have been, according to them, an important event in the sky 12,950 years ago, and the inhabitants of Gobekli Tepe wanted to preserve the memory of the" worst day of history since the end of the last ice age. "



Detail of a pillar of Gobekli Tepe. (German Archaeological Institute / DAI).


Except that the date does not stick according to the archaeologists who studied the site:



"The chronology cited does not stick either: 12 950 years, it is almost a millennium older than the oldest dating of the structures in question. "



Do you think that men drew primitive forms on a stele, the position of the stars as they were in the sky more than a millennium ago? Is it not simpler and more logical that these men have engraved the positions of the stars at the time of their observations?


It may even be that these two scientists were not mistaken, but that the slight displacement of the axis of the earth which we have discovered, which has modified the position of the stars, has distorted their astronomical calculations.



In summary :


There was the arrival of a star, but the date must be more recent...


This date of 8900 BC As I have already said, corresponded to the moment when a planet was nearest to the Earth and which I naturally corresponded with the date of the catastrophe.


But, after a new discovery in 2016, I understood that the disaster did not occur at the same time, but a few years later after its passage.


For this time lag between the arrival of the planet in 8900 BC and the date of the catastrophe, I had proposed 40 years, based on Biblical references, which perhaps transmitted information, because I had nothing else.



And if the date of the catastrophe had occurred two centuries later... a coherent time in the climatic machinery and a melting of the poles that we hear repeated every day in our media...


Two centuries later, long after the passage of this planet and which caught the men by surprise, like a last blow of dagger in the back...


And if this date was 8640 BC...



Do you measure the consequences?



You have two choices: close the browser window because this man is crazy, or firmly attach you and continue reading...


If the Great Architect has changed the time once, could he have modified it a second time?


Those who have read me guess the answer, but here again, I have to prove it, and the greatest proofs with those of the heart, are the mathematical proofs.


So I must prove to you that Jesus Christ, Son of God, the temporal marker of our calendar is linked to the Great Architect of the Pyramid and therefore to the standard 86400.


What is the number associated with Jesus Christ?


It is of course the 33.


This 33... I knew deep down in my heart that he had a great secret, that the age of Christ at his crucifixion had a profound meaning and that it was the will of God...


This 33, taken up by the Freemasons as the ultimate degree of knowledge, the one whose secret I wanted to know more than any other number.


I finally found it...



But first of all I would like to remind you of this:


I had revealed the symbolic meaning of the famous phrase, "The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit" on June 21, 2016 (it is not invented...)



Triangle = Holy Spirit, Circle = The Father, Square = The Son


To remind you of the anteriority of this analysis and that I do not take it out of a hat, you can find this photo on my site, in one of my videos of June 2016 and in a press article [22] published In the United States dated June 29, 2016.


I will now apply the standard of the Great Architect, the 86400 employees for the Great Pyramid, on the 33 of Christ, the temporal marker of our calendars:


86.4 / 33 = 2.618


The Golden squared...


A picture that is worth a thousand words.


The Son of the Father with his Holy Spirit in him....



8640 BC is the Date of the Great Catastrophe, the Date of the Great Flood.


The Spirit of God descended to earth at the most sacred moment, the one dedicated to the victims of the Flood and once again, it changed the course of time for them...


The Deluge. Léon Comerre .




And since I know this architect as if he were my own Father, what he is in my heart today, then I know that if he engraved his love in Time, he also engraved it in the Space...



This space that our elders contemplated amazed just at the pace of their houses and who knew that Heaven also looked at them.


If we have forgotten, the space remembers their home...



So I had to go back to Antarctica before the catastrophe, the central point, such as the Greenwich meridian, indicated by the pyramid:


  • position 37° South, 31° 7' 48'' East, exactly  [24].

  • To look at the sky towards the sun.
  • The exact day of the spring equinox.

  • At the precise moment when the sun rises.

  • In the year 8640 before Jesus Christ.



One who is not accustomed to astronomy and to grasp what you are going to discover is that the slightest modification of a single parameter, such as the year, month, day, of a single minute Or a single small degree in your position, will completely change the position of the stars in the sky... Finally, the direction of the sun  in the southern hemisphere,  is  the North. Astronomy Software used : Stellarium mobile IOS V 1.23.



The exact moment (look the time...)



So I would see the precise moment when their house collapses...


I would also see the last star of the constellation of CYGNUS (sign in french), called the constellation of the CROSS, exactly on the horizon, and so on that day at that precise moment I will see a SIGN OF THE CROSS...






A sign of the Cross as the House collapses...



And as if that were not enough, at the same time, Orion was kneeling in Giza for this prayer in the sky...



Orion on his knees for this prayer, near the pyramid ...



Words miss me... and when words miss me, it's my eyes who find them...



We heard everything about this Pyramid and these builders, but no one, no one told us that the Pyramid was a message of love.


A love for mankind, for our earth, and that mathematics, geometry, were only their language, the universal language to say:



Thank You



Today is a historic day for humanity and nothing will be the same as before, no one will be able to lie to you again, for if man can break matter, he can not break Space and Time.


It was the plan of the architect, the plan of God, the universal, omnipotent and omniscient spirit, which is in each of us, sees everything, able to interact with your mind... and if it is his will, he will convey to you a plan for the men of yesterday, today and tomorrow, the only one capable of crossing seven millennia through time, matter and space, without even writing a single letter, simply his spirit and stars, without claiming anything, except perhaps, that we should love each other a little more, as he loved the men of yesterday...


It is the day when we understand the last words of his beloved Son :


 "I make all reservations about the details of the Gospel narrative, I do not think it possible to doubt the historicity

 of the crucifixion". Charles Guignebert, One of the most skeptical historians on the Gospel narratives...[25]



There is no question of religion, it is up to you to understand...



I would have liked to finish on these words, but I will conclude by revealing to you the secret of the meridian of Paris [26] after having revealed to you that of Greenwich.





 The secret of the meridian of Paris


All longitudes are in decimal degrees.




Longitude of the Pyramid of Cheops 31.1344°


Longitude of the meridian of Paris: 2.337°


31.1344° - 2.337° = 28.79°




And in the way of Fabien Pardo:



In a schematic way, to understand Fabien's words, 115.19 minutes, it is the time that the sun sets between the meridian of the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt and the meridian of Paris, half a side of the pyramid, 230.35m .


And those who were somewhat disappointed by the precision of the gap between the meridian of Paris and that of the Great Pyramid, which is 27,79°, will understand why... because there is another meridian in Paris, more Ancient, the Meridian of the Church Saint-Sulpice...


"According to written traces  , the site of the Church of Saint-Sulpice dates back at least to the year 807 where there was an old chapel oratory dedicated to Saint-Jean-Baptiste." [27]


+0.01 minute of sun [G] between the Meridian of Saint-Sulpice and the meridian of Paris.




Longitude of the Pyramid of Cheops : 31.1344°


Longitude Meridian of Saint-Sulpice : 2.334°


31.1344° - 2.334° = 28.80°



It was the Ancient Time, it was the Golden Age...



We are at the time of the revelations, the time marked by God, revelations which means the Apocalypse... Read the book, Pyramid Apocalypsia, for you and  for your children.



May God Bless you. 



Even the little belly...



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 "If you have something to hide, put it in the Sun..."

864000 miles, diameter of the sun according to NASA...



1  Three houses of the Lacustre village of Hauterive-Champréveyres, reconstituted at the site of the Neolithic site, excavated in front of the Laténium

House in neolitic



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13  After reading the demonstration, the term standard does not seem appropriate in this context, in fact we understand a posteriori, that it is a factor of flattening acting on a dimension. I decided to keep it for several reasons: the standard stallion of builders is the meter, which is a simple physical proportion of our planet, which he knows very well, as you have seen ... the pyramid of Cheops represents our planet with another dimension, we have in a way, a new metric standard of 1.0864m. If you read the book, you will see the archaeological and scientific evidence of an Egyptian work, composed of these two different standard, the 1m and that of 1.0864m.

Finally, I think that a standard based on time and not on a physical object will be our next civilizational leap. if all the peoples of the earth can base their standard on a common physical object, our planet, it is no longer the case for the peoples of a galaxy. Our future standard will be based on light and one  frequency... this is in my opinion the message that also wanted to convey the architect ...


14   Do not confuse with the 86 164.1 seconds of earth rotation, which is sidereal time. See also  Annexe E .


15   Flinders Petrie was a pioneer in precision in drawing a survey of this plateau in 1880, at least very precise, since the latter was the subject of a check by "JH Cole." This person was mandated in 1925, through the Egyptian Ministry to verify the accuracy of the work of "Petrie". The results confirmed the accuracy of this survey.

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17  Angle measured by Petri: 51° 50' 40''

 Angle measured by Lehner: 51° 50' 40''


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21  As you can see, in this illustration, I wanted to give you the exact date of the construction of the pyramid and whose explanation is not found in this article but only in the book.


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24 For a verification of the geographical coordinates, a very precise map of the pyramid of Cheops, as well as a measurement software, are available at this address:

Astronomy Software used : Stellarium mobile IOS V 1.23

Stellarium PC version is set differently than its paid application that automatically adjusts the true time. From the year 2000 BC. You must manually search for the day of the equinox, which corresponds to the day when the sun rises full East and change the time parameters. In the year - 8900 this corresponds to May 28 on the pc version.




25 Even the most skeptical historians of the Gospel narratives find the invention of the crucifixion by the Christians implausible. Charles Guignebert writes thus: "I make all reservations on the details of the Gospel narrative, I do not think it possible to doubt the historicity of the crucifixion."Jesus (Albin Michel, 1933, reed 1969).

For Alfred Loisy, "Nothing in evangelical narratives has any de facto consistency, except the crucifixion of

Jesus by sentence of Pontius Pilate for messianic agitation ".

Alfred Loisy, Revue d'histoire et de littérature religieuse, 1922, p. 297-298, quoted by Mordillat and Prieur, Jesus against Jesus, p. 77.


25  Meridien of Paris


26 Church of Saint-SulpiceÉglise_Saint-Sulpice_de_Paris




A Flattening rate = Re (Equatorial radius) - Rp (Polar radius) / Re. Equatorial radius6 378,137 km Polar radius 6,356,752 km Current deviation = 21.4 km


B Flattening rate = Re (Equatorial radius) - Rp (Polar radius) / Re. Therefore deviation = 6378.137  / 230 = 27.73 km. Current difference = 6378.137 / 298 = 21.4 km. dDifference = 6.32 km,  equally divided between radii,  + 3 for Re and -3 for Rp.


C This flattening deduced by Newton is called gravitational flattening or dynamic form factor. This type of flattening linked with the gravitation, evolving over millennia according to the distribution of the masses of our planet. If the geometric flattening informs us at the instant (T) of its configuration. The dynamic form factor informs us about the evolution of its configuration and which evolves over time. the Architect is based on the perfect sphere, which is by definition a still Earth ... This time corresponds to another speed of rotation and therefore of a different form, that which it had before the catastrophe. If the earth were more homogeneous, this dynamic form factor would correspond to the rate of geometric flattening of our planet and to the rate calculated by Newton:

« Now it can be shown that for a homogeneous model, the dynamic flattening H would be equal to l geometric flattening f. The result was that the Earth was not a homogeneous spheroid, to which the theory would have imposed the flattening f = 1/230 calculated by Newton. » The spheroid of Clairaut.

This shows that the flattening of our planet before the catastrophe was closer to its natural or theoretical value than it is today.

Finally, if you were wondering, how is it that the Rate of Newton corresponds to that of the earth before the displacement of the earth's crust, know that he was Grand Master of the Freemason, one of the greatest initiates and which he transmitted with the famous "code +1" of the Freemasons that I explain in the book. Rate of Newton in his book Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica : 1/230,  rate of the Architect : 1 / 230 + 0,1


D We proceed in the opposite way, we multiply 1,0864 by 4 to correspond to the "circle" and to the definition of the meter, then divide by thousand, as always, or simply divide all the dimensions of our planet by 4 to make match our meter to its circumference and not to the ¼ of it, which would make things much simpler and coherent.


E The pyramid angle depends on its height, which itself is linked to its base by the formula of the circumference of the circle H = P / Pix2


F Average dimension of earth in miles [(24901.461 + 24859.73) / 2 ] / 40 000 = 0.622 mi.


G Difference between the two meridians:0.0025° 1440' / 360° = 4' by degré so 0.0025° x 4 = 0.01'

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