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1. To fully understand the meaning and importance of the information, you must have previously followed a minimum of our previous work, books, articles and at least our videos...


2. If we have 100% certainty regarding the authenticity of our work on the Great Pyramid and Atlantis, this is not the case for our work on Px and the decoding of the book of The Apocalypse.


If we have a great confidence in their veracity, we lacked factual and current astronomical data, small clues, a few things to be able to corroborate them with the information in our possession. 


This moment has arrived...




Here is according to our work, the elements in our possession on Planet X:


Type: ' Planet - comet ' 

Appearance: Dark red  

Diameter: ~ 3000 Km (almost the size of the moon)  

Mass: ~ 90% of the mass of the Earth (extremely massive object)  

Orbit: 6022 years  

Date of his return: 2022  

Others: at least 1 satellite or 1 companion



C 2019 / Y4...


Here is an email exchange with one of my contacts: 


"Good evening N...



Otherwise, the pandemic which was announced in our current period of the apocalypse is characterized by the green horse of the apocalypse... also it was impossible for me to cross-reference a date and therefore a sky map with the elements in my possession with those of the verse... 


C 2019 / y4 is may be  the explanation... because unpredictable... Atlas: first king of Atlantis...


Take care N...


Jean "


Comet ATLAS (C/2019 Y4) displays an 8.5-magnitude coma and a short, spiky tail on March 21, 2020. Chris Schur
Comet ATLAS (C/2019 Y4) displays an 8.5-magnitude coma and a short, spiky tail on March 21, 2020. Chris Schur



" Thank you for your answer Jean.


I was not aware of this comet and I was able to document myself a bit and also compare with the green horse of the apocalypse...

It is true that the timing fits perfectly well.


Thank you for the info and also for your feeling regarding the explanations of (...).


 Good evening Jean "




  " Yes, this comet is very interesting and even very intriguing... I have just carried out a quick search and  these orbital characteristics correspond to those which I give for Px.



Orbit Px 6022 years.


Orbit Atlas, just over 6000 years:


NASA data indicates that the comet takes just over 6,000 years to make a full circle around our star. It seems that ATLAS has an orbit very similar to that of the Great Comet of 1844, indicating that it could be a fragment of this object. (



An orbit similar to the "Great Comet of 1844": 




Great Comet of 1844, as observed from Van Diemen's Land (now known as Tasmania), off Australia. This comet was discovered on 18 December 1844, and was visible with the naked eye until the end of January 1845, during which time it was one of the brightest objects visible in the Southern Hemisphere


"Because yes, interesting and not least: the orbit of this body of ice and dust appears very similar to that of C / 1844 Y1, more famous under the name of "Great comet of 1844" which had hit the headlines by its unusual brightness in the sky of the southern hemisphere - it was then visible in broad daylight. It is not excluded, moreover, that the Atlas comet is a piece detached from the so-called "Great Comet", or even that both are the fragments of a more imposing parent which would have broken down centuries ago."




  "even that both are the fragments of a more imposing parent which would have broken down centuries ago."

Something else bigger...


How likely is it all to be a coincidence?

That is the question... "





" Indeed I had seen its orbit (I had seen 6025 years), almost similar to say exactly seems to that of PX...


It's hard to believe in a simple coincidence knowing your work, "it makes sense" anyway.


 According to scientists it would not be visible to the naked eye, (because closer to the earth it will be masked by sunlight)

Perhaps one of the reasons why Hopies don't talk about it. After the twins pass... 


So there would still be 3 Seals (with 2 major earthquakes if I'm not mistaken...)


To follow closely...


Have a nice day Jean "




When he told me he had seen 6025 years, I didn't believe it so much it almost matched ours, so I went to check on the NASA website.;old=0;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0 , (update may 2020 : the orbital characteristics have changed since its fragmentation.)

 Screenshot  of the orbital characteristics before the fragmentation of the Atlas comet.



Planet X 



Taking into account the speed characteristics of this comet and the year 2022 for perihelion, Planet x is already in our solar system.


If you have not followed my work, then think that this is a simple coincidence is legitimate.


If you have followed my work, you will make your own opinion.


For me, I did my job by warning you.



Covid 19 is probably the necessary smoke screen (preparation) and containment measures a means of controlling citizens and information.


Opening : Hours before the Task Force's White House daily briefing on Monday, April 20, 2020, an open microphone captured a conversation between New York Times photographer Doug Mills and Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts: " We have all been vaccinated "against the coronavirus" here "...

Ending : If a vaccine can be made in a few months, it takes at least a little more than a year to verify its safety on humans, then imagine for the president of the united states of america...

Conclusion: this virus is not a surprise for everyone.

A Pandemic Used to Hide a Space Threat in "2001: The Space Odyssey"


Leave the big cities as soon as possible...


But not everything is dark...


Search and you will find...





Update (March 28, 2020).


From N...


What is also interesting is to see that the ATLAS system (Asteroid Terrestrial -impact Last Alert System) was designed with the sole and sole purpose, to provide and prevent an alert from an asteroid that would run right on the Earth.


The word "Last" may turn out to be too much in the characteristic of the system, limit unnecessary, but very subtly well chosen I think ...

Like THE last chance before the shock.


And you noticed it very well, moreover, as a symbolism linked to the destruction of Atlantis what better than ATLAS as an acronym for this type of system ...


Perhaps a deliberate will on their part too, but the ATLAS system began its measurements in 2015, the year of light, the year of the countdown with the launch of the opening of the 7 Seals.

Coincidence or not ...


C2019 y4:


2015 + 4 = 2019 y4 = Year 4

So 7 years before PX, there are 3 compared to 2019.


4 could also correspond to the opening of the 4th Seal ... The 4th horsemen of the Apocalypse ...


I was wondering about the 7 Seals, if they could all 7 beings from celestial events only ...

With parallel consequences on earth as the Bible says ...


What do you think? "





A lot of very suspicious information is starting to pile up at a breakneck pace and should light up a little red light in your mind...


Some examples :



- Displacement to the bunkers:


Northern Command has dispersed essential command and control teams in several bunkers, including the famous Cheyenne Mountain complex in Colorado, as well as another unspecified site, and keeps them isolated. The command took these measures to ensure that these personnel can continue to monitor 24 hours a day the potential threats for the United States (link).

- The DART mission: 

the DART mission, for Double Asteroid Redirection Test, will voluntarily collide with an asteroid in order to divert it from its trajectory. Its launch is scheduled for July 22, 2021 and the impact is scheduled for September 30, 2022 ... (link

(Note :an absolutely unprecedented international effort has been made to obtain the most precise scientific simulation possible. Why such a requirement if this mission is only a simple experience to gather information?...

- Closing telescopes:


Astronomy magazine discovered that more than 100 of Earth's largest research telescopes have closed in recent weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What started with very small closings in February and early March has become an almost complete halt in observational astronomy. And the closings should not end soon ... (link)


This information is not taken from a scenario of catastrophe movie, but indeed official news... 



Update (April 8, 2020).


Here's another incredible coincidence ...



Here is the apparent trajectory in the sky of the comet C / 2019 Y4 according to the date:


The trajectory of C/ 1844Y1  ("the great comet") and of C 2019 Y4, correspond for us to the trajectory of Px (amateur astronomers you know where to point telescopes... knowing that the largest telescopes on earth are closed )

Px is symbolized by the builders by a LION ( a predator, a threat).



Now observe the "incredible coincidence" of the trajectory...



Summer solstice day, the Day of the Sun (the 'Son' )...


A simple coincidence or a will?


A very small force, meticulously calculated, applied at the right time, on a small body moving in space, allows you to redefine its trajectory, for example, to transmit a message. For this you need to know perfectly the laws of gravitation and as we have shown, the builders know these laws better than we know them...


I told you that all is not dark...


The plan of the builders, is a divine plan...



" And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.

And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. "


Luke 21.25



Update (May 29 2020).



Incredible statement by President Macron to the Financial Times reporter on April 16, 2020.



The Secret in plain sight ?






"I believe our generation must know that the beast of the event is here and it is coming..."


"Generation" = long time.


"Must know" = information hidden, secret, not known and which must be revealed.


"The beast" = planet X.


"The event" = the apocalypse.


"Is there" = in our solar system.


"And she arrives" = and she arrives...



Update April 2, 2021. 





 According to The Economist, France is preparing for a "high intensity" war: the General Staff has created 10 task forces to examine the country's readiness for such a war.

In the forests and plains of the Champagne-Ardenne region, where the great powers once clashed, the French armed forces are beginning to prepare for the return of a major conflict.


Scheduled for 2023, Exercise Orion is a full-scale, multi-day, divisional exercise, possibly based on the Suippes, Mailly and Mourmelon camps. It will involve the full range of French military capabilities on a scale that has not been tested for decades. 



"Those who know, will understand..."








 From V per (Youtube):


"Good evening Jean...

Volcanoes seem to be waking up all over the world...

I was waiting with some curiosity for a sign from yo...

It's done 😇 "


 Reply :


"Yes, including an Icelandic volcano that had been dormant for over 6,000 years, a date that exactly matches Px's second pass, during the Taurus Age... strange isn't it..." 








A dwarf planet entered our solar system and no telescope saw it coming (scientists).


Incredible news that hit the headlines:



A "dwarft planet-comet", about 200-370 km in diameter (1 / 10th the size of the moon), entered our system, undetected by any telescope! (or, and this is more worrying, detected but not disclosed to the public ?...some elements unfortunately point to a cover-up: see appendix A at the end of the article.)



the "dwarft planet-comet" detected by Pedro Bernardinelli and Gary Bernstein is called 2014 un271, it was found by chance while consulting the archive images of the year 2014 of the Dark Energy Survey, an international optical and near infrared survey of the sky ( we explain in our book, that it can only be detected in the infrared!); a double chance, since the Dark Energy Survey only scans 12% of the sky (~ 90% of the sky unmonitored...)


On the left, it is the sphere in the center (the tracking is on the comet), on the right its movement (tracking on the stars).



The official announcement to the public was made on June 19, 2021, as by coincidence, just a week after the Hubble Space Telescope failed on June 12, 2021... It is therefore impossible to point Hubble in the direction of this star and the 'observe very precisely. 


The planet-comet (red!), Is a TNO (trans Neptunian oblect) and is currently located between Neptune and Uranus.



"Based on the given absolute magnitude, and given how unusually red it was in the 2014 CFHT pre-overlay images (the color g - r was 0.9 and r - i was 0, 5!), I would estimate at an albedo of 0.01-0.08 a diameter of 130 to 370 kilometers (nominally 160), which places it on a similar scale, if not larger, than the enormous comet of Sarabat C / 1729 P1, and almost without a doubt the largest Oort Cloud object ever discovered - almost in the territory of the dwarf planets! », Sam Deen.


On the left in the following photo, the estimated position of Px on March 25, 2020 (just after Neptune), on the right, the position in June 2021 of 2014 UN271 (between Neptune and Uranus).


Just amazing...



 Only its dimensions (about 370 km, 1 / 10th of the Moon) and its period of 600,000 years, differ from my estimates.


However, this is the very first data, subject to change (or is it Px's companion?)




Update (June 27, 2021)



C/2014 UN271



The orbital data of our “dwarf planet - comet”, renamed C/2014 UN271, have just been modified by the JPL (link) from a period of 600,000 years, we pass to a period of + 2,000,000 years (+ 300%!)


This clearly shows that our "dwarf planet - comet" is currently undergoing large gravitational disturbances. 


Which brings us to a very strange feature of C/2014 UN271, namely that its perihelion is very far from the sun, reaching maximum Saturn's orbit.


This anomaly, judiciously noted by Meg Schwamb, expert on the Kuiper belt and the Oort cloud at Queen's University Belfast, confirms the hypothesis that C/ 2014 UN271 is not on its first visit to our solar system and that it degrades over time (according to our work, this is his third visit). 


"The fact that [C / 2014 UN271] has a perihelion so far away from the Sun might be telling us that it's done this a couple of times but is still in that process of eventually becoming some of those long period comets we know and love . " Meg Schwamb.



This analysis is corroborated by one of the discoverers of C / 2014 UN27:



What is funny is that this information on the lengthening of the period of revolution Px (or reduction of its velocity), was transmitted to us by the builders and was before my eyes, without ever, unfortunately, understanding it!



In this photo, which I posted previously, we can note that between the passage in Leo's era and that of Taurus, there is a 22% increase in its period (4900 years, then 6022 years).






These clarifications allow me today to understand the complete cycle of Px transmitted by the builders.

Before the Age of Aquarius, these are predictable values and calculated using their observations.


After the Age of Aquarius, our current period (in exactly six months), these are unpredictable values, since not known (Px has not yet crossed our solar system), they are therefore symbolic (taken from previous values) .


If Px has modified, and, is likely to modify the gravitational balance of our solar system, then, conversely, Px also undergoes at each passage modifications of its gravitational characteristics (action-reaction). 



In summary we can identify 3 hypotheses:


1- if new data shows that C / 2014 UN271 is actually much larger than 200-370 km, then it is clearly Px and our work is confirmed.


2- if its size remains unchanged or even reduced, two cases are possible: 


a) This is only Px's companion ("the first meteor" in the Apocalypse of John.)


b) It can still be Px, but degraded and the potential danger of which would, then lie in a modification of its trajectory as it approaches the sun (370 km wide, remember...)



Px is only part of this famous year 2022 of the revelation, the second is linked to the return of the builders, so expect a public disclosure on the UFOS, in order here too, to prepare population...

The highly anticipated Interim Report released today by the Pentagon on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), is available here. 143 of the 144 reports since 2004 remain beyond the explanation of the US government - and extraterrestrials have not been ruled out as a potential origin...



Finally, do not forget that in our troubled times, we must also follow the more down to earth events... 


 Matthiew 24.36: 


"You will hear of wars and rumors of wars: beware of being disturbed, for these things must happen. But that will not be the end yet..."


So wait & see...



Update (June 27, 2021)



(Click on the image to access the article)
(Click on the image to access the article)


Extract from a very interesting article which has just appeared in the journal Scientific American (to read and reread ...):


" In part because astronomers still know so little about the object and have never seen anything quite like it before, its exact nature remains unknown. Is it really a large comet or something else entirely? “Some people are speculating it could be round, almost in hydrostatic equilibrium, which makes it go in the direction of dwarf planets,” Kokotanekova says.

This seems unlikely, however, given that most models suggest an icy object must be in the vicinity of 800 kilometers across before its own gravity begins sculpting it into a spherical shape.

To pin down the object’s true size, Jewitt says the Hubble Space Telescope is the only current facility with sufficient power to peer through the coma and resolve the size of the nucleus. But as of this writing, his formal request to study the comet using the prized orbital observatory has not been approved  (NDA: normal it is down... it's bad luck...).


Other telescopes are capable of probing different features, though, such as its composition. “It’s so different from everything else we’ve observed that it’s very likely we’ll discover unexpected things,” Kokotanekova says. "



Interesting isn't it... the Hubble failure, a sphere, a planet, it can't be ice...


Credit: Dark Energy Survey/DOE/FNAL/DECam/CTIO/NOIRLab/NSF/AURA/P. Bernardinelli & G. Bernstein (UPenn)/DESI Legacy Imaging Surveys
Credit: Dark Energy Survey/DOE/FNAL/DECam/CTIO/NOIRLab/NSF/AURA/P. Bernardinelli & G. Bernstein (UPenn)/DESI Legacy Imaging Surveys


Update (July 3, 2021)



Anomaly in the rotation of the Earth.



    Several scientists have agreed to say, in recent days, that the Earth had never turned as fast as in 2020. This year according to them, the planet would have broken 28 times the previous record of the shortest day, which dated back to 2005. It would have revolved around itself faster than 1.4602 milliseconds during the day of July 19, 2020, and could again break this record in 2021. 


"It is certain that the Earth has never turned as fast as it does now in the last 50 years", assures the newspaper The Telegraph Peter Whibberley, researcher in the British national laboratory (the National Physical Laboratory). 


"We have observed an acceleration of the Earth's rotation since 2016 and we do not really know how to explain it", also told Point Christian Bizouard, astronomer at the Time-Space Reference Systems (SYRTE) department of the Paris Observatory. 



 Until then, the record for the shortest day was held by July 5, 2005. Our Planet had then turned on itself in 1.0516 milliseconds less than the 86,400 seconds average that lasts a day. In 2020, this record was broken... 28 times! And July 19 set a new record with a shorter day of 1.4602 milliseconds.




Updated July 29, 2021.



A research note would show that no rotational variability in the behavior of C / 2014 UN271 was detected. A star in space having no rotational movement is extremely improbable, which would rather indicate that it has a uniform spherical shape, preventing diffraction of light, obscuring its rotational movement.


Who says spherical shape, says large size...



Updated on August 31, 2021.



Are prophecies coming true before our eyes? 


Vaccination passport: 

The WHO has officially posted a guidance document for countries and implementing partners on technical requirements for the development of digital information systems for the issuance of interoperable digital certificates based on standards for status COVID-19 vaccination program (funded by the Bill Gates Foundation). 


In France :

RT: "French cafes remain EMPTY as police raid outdoors after Macron extends pass to restaurants." Link.



"And no one could buy or sell without bearing this sign: either the name of the beast or the number corresponding to its name. This is where wisdom is needed. Let him who has intelligence decipher the number of the beast. This number represents the name of a man, that is, six hundred and sixty-six. " 


According to the Bible, this sign is on our left hand or on the forehead. However, we hold our cellphones with the left hand (the majority) and if you look at this barcode on your phone, then the reflection of the screen will make you look at yourself with the code on your forehead...



Be safe and God Bless you.  


Jean Seimple





A- A simple and logical analysis of the context of the Discovery of C / 2014 UN271 unfortunately points to a concealment of information. If you manage to show that the arrival of this star was hidden from the public, then this means that this star in space represents a potential threat; otherwise why hide it from the public?....


Asked why the two astronomers took such a long time to publish their work, knowing that the astronomical data dates from 2014/2018, one of the discoverers, Pedro Bernardinelli (who has just obtained his doctorate in astronomy) replied this:



Unfortunately, he does not clearly answer the question; How long ?

By insisting a little, we finally have a clearer answer...



The discoverers of C / 2014 UN271, needed in 2020, 6 months of calculations for the data from 2014 to 2018 With Fermilab computers.


Knowing that these data are of great importance (images of the sky in infrared), don't you think that the American government agencies or other countries, have also analyzed these pictures? 


Unlike these two astronomers, these are equipped with more powerful computer, allowing extremely rapid analyzes of the data. By taking a minimum range of one year, in order to detect a sufficiently large displacement of a star on the images, and let's be wide, one year to analyze them, we come across the year 2016... 


With the DES (Dark Energy Survey) program covering only 12% of the sky, were they lucky or did they know exactly where to point the instruments? 


This simple analysis, combined with all the other revelations passed down in our book and articles regarding the Px cover-up, allows us to confidently assume that they had this information long before the year 2021...


When these two astronomers submitted their results to their colleagues, the information was passed on to the authorities. They therefore decide to "commit suicide" these two curious (I'm kidding!), Seeing that they had only partially erroneous or incomplete results, who representing any threat, they let the information pass, as part of a gentle and controlled disclosure... 


 The "Hubble failure" (a computer failure, therefore easy to create) a week before the official publication, then fits perfectly into this great puzzle....

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