Pyramid Apocalypsia.


By Jean Seimple, November 18, 2020.





             About two weeks ago, at a time when we get lost in the twists and turns of Youtube, frantically zapping on videos without tail or head, I come across a video that dealt with the pyramids of Giza.


The title caught my eye: “The Planetarium of Giza”.


A subject that is particularly close to my work as most of you know, since we have our own theory on the meaning of the three pyramids of Giza.


A fast forward viewing of the video, shows one of the interlocutors explaining a correlation between the three pyramids of Giza with the Earth, Venus and Mercury...


 There, I zap and I return to lose myself in Youtube!


Why ? Because I knew this theory and it did not hold water, there is hardly any similarity, neither in the dimensions, nor in the masses, nor even with the slight offset of the pyramid of Menkaure.


This slight shift which I hoped to give me an angle of about 6 ° (see our work), measures about 5.36 °, relatively far from the angle of Mercury, which is equal to 7 °.





If the pyramid of Cheops represents the Earth well, which we have demonstrated on several occasions, the pyramid of Menkaure (the smallest) does not represent Mercury (according to our work of course), but the Moon, as in Mexico on the Teotihuacán site.



Pyramid of the Moon, Teotihuacán, Mexico.




Since there can be no planets between the Earth and the Moon, the architect of the pyramids of Giza wishes to tell us that this planet is an anomaly...




Article"The Keys to the Pyramid"



This wandering planet, responsible for a very great catastrophe in the past, we have named it, Planet X.


At the Site of Teotihuacán, a third large Pyramid is missing and in its place is a large site, like a footprint.






When you come across a footprint, you know for a fact that someone or something has passed that way and that therefore, with pyramids symbolically representing a planet, it means that a planet has passed that way...


The respective architects of Giza and Teotihuacán, conveyed the same message, but in two different ways.


At the center of this location is the "Temple Of The Feathered Serpent".


To come face to face with a snake in the middle of the jungle is like meeting a lion in the savannah...  



A serpent  linked to the empty site in Mexico and a lion linked to Khafre's pyramid in Egypt...



 It's a threat, a danger...


During the conquest of the West, the Indians called a train that passed over their lands, "the Iron Horse", so a feathered serpent does not literally mean a serpent with feathers, but a serpent, a danger, which comes from the sky... 


Photo of Comet C / 2020 F8 SWAN captured by the Australian Siding Spring Telescope. Australia's Siding Spring telescope. Esposito Raffaele / Telescope Siding Spring / Link.




Think simply, without a priori, and above all, without being influenced by the right-thinking "official history".


A few days later, I receive an email from my friend Greg, accompanied by a photo, where he is in the company of Fabien Pardo and two other people, one of whom is closely linked to the presenter of the program mentioned above : Jérôme Maury.


A strange coincidence...


Their complicity in the photo gave me a form of sympathy towards Jérôme Maury and consequently, gave me the necessary impetus to re-watch this famous video, in a more in-depth way this time.


Without this photo, this article would not exist, and I would never have been able to discover a new message from the architect of the Great Pyramid, which you will discover in this article.


Of this correlation with the three inner planets, the connection to their respective orbits, was by far the most interesting point of this theory, but some details could point to a simple coincidence.


Here is the reason:



The orbits of the planets moving around the sun do not form perfect circles, but ellipses.




Elliptical orbits of the planets in the solar system.



If Venus has a slightly elongated orbit, this is not the case for Mercury, whose distance from the sun varies from 69.82 million kilometers to 46 million km.


With a one-hundred-millionth scale employed at the Giza site, this represents at ground level a strip about 240 m (698 m - 460 m) wide and not a single line.


These dimensional ranges greatly increase the probabilities, knowing as we have seen previously that the physical characteristics of the pyramids unfortunately do not provide any support.


At the 45th minute of the video, the person presenting his discoveries explains to us that the relative position of the sun in relation to the three pyramids, strangely coincides with an official tourist observation point of the three pyramids of Giza.



Video screenshot: The Giza Planetarium.



This detail calls out to me...


I continue viewing it, unfortunately without finding any other relevant information.

As often, the big mistake is to force the stone to speak, instead of letting it speak...


Over the days, this strange coincidence with this observation site haunts my mind...


All the discoveries that we made subsequently, confirmed that our theory was unfortunately correct and the desire to verify this assertion, ran up against the questioning of my own work.


Nevertheless, carried by a deep feeling to know above all the truth and not to be right, I decide to go on Google Earth and to carry out finally, a verification.


I decide on a method that is both very simple and very precise.


I just need to draw two circles in the center of each pyramid; a large circle whose radius is aphelion and a second smaller circle for perihelion.


The position of the sun cannot therefore be validated, if and only if, the area is simultaneously inside the three bands. 



Orbital Range of Earth, Venus and Mercury. 


By zooming in on the observation site we can see that if the orbital range of the Earth passes exactly through the center of this observation post, the orbit of Venus exceeds it and that of Mercury barely reaches it.



 Orbital Range of EarthVenus and Mercury. 


There are no triple superimpositions, so it is impossible to have a theoretical position of the sun at this location.


I thought I was done with this theory of three planets, except...






A big surprise...



I decide out of curiosity to see if there is a triple intersection on the Giza plateau and there, big surprise...


I discovered a triple intersection, not of three bands, but of three lines and what is more, of the three aphelia of Mercury, Venus and the Earth !





There, we are no more in the coincidence… an ellipsoidal orbit contains millions of different distances, but only three very particular distances: the average distances, the perihelion and the aphelion.


Another detail calls out to me, this point of intersection, which is ultimately the position of the theoretical sun, is exactly due south! The very symbol of the sun!


This detail drives the last nail in the coffin of our famous "chance"...



Intersection due south, aphelion of the Earth, Venus and Mercury.



The "imprecision" of the aphelion of Venus compared to the intersection of the aphelion of Earth and Mercury, measured at ground level is approximately 3 m! Or a median precision of 1.5 m for the three aphelia ! 



GPS coordinates of the marker (If an archaeologist is looking for a place to dig on the site of Giza... at least 8.64 m...who will understand...)



If I used the word "imprecision", instead of the word "precision" for these 3 m, in addition to having put it between quotation marks, it is for a good reason, and which you will discover in a few moments...



For those who wish to verify the measurements, please note that I have taken great care to be as precise as possible, in order to work with metric precision on Google Earth, but this requires following a particular procedure.


 Do not take the top of a pyramid as the central point of reference, it does not represent the true center.

A pointing error at the center of the pyramid of 5 m for example, will result in a deviation of 5 m on the reference point of the aphelia. You need to work with the most vertical satellite photo possible. Remove the "3D building" option and draw the diagonals of the square base of the pyramids, in order to obtain the true center.




108.64 the signature of the builders...



In this video, Atlantis - Antarctica and the Secret of the Greenwich Meridian (starts at 18'30 '') from 2017, Fabien shows us 108.64 °, the signature of the builders which allowed us to confirm one of my previous discoveries.




What follows, I swear to you is authentic (like the rest for that matter...)


At the start of my check, I didn't look for absolute precision, I just wanted to check if there was an intersection of the three bands at the observation site.


When I later noticed that the circle of the aphelion of Venus did not exactly reach the intersection of the aphelion of the Earth and Mercury, it was only then that I decided to work with the greater precision possible, and by using the exact distances of the aphelions of these three planets, hoping to be able to fill this slight imprecision.



Link references.



Unfortunately, this persisted and ended up with an "inaccuracy" of about 3 m.


The next day, I start working on an illustrative photo for my new article, in which I have to indicate the distance in meters, between the point of intersection and the respective tops of the three pyramids of Giza.


I therefore had to withdraw 3 m from the aphelion of Venus… (or + 3 m at the distance Khafre - benchmark).


Very tired because a little sick, I take my calculator for this simple calculation.


The aphelion Venus, 108.94 million km, gives in meters on the Giza plateau, 1089.4 m or 1.0894 km:


 1089.4 m - 3 m = 1086.4 m or 1.0864 km ! ! !





If that doesn't mean anything to you, know that a lot of people are falling from their chairs at this precise moment!


I make a very small effort and a small parenthesis, for those who are reading me for the first time.


The numbers and multiples of 864, 10,864, are the ultimate signatures of the architect of the Great Pyramid, very sacred, they symbolize among other things, the Earth before the flood.


The link between 864 and 10 864 is of a mathematical order, the language of the architect, so the proportion

+ 8.64% is equivalent to x 1.0864.


Here are two small examples among dozens of others, each just as incredible as the next.



Example 1


Try to build a pyramid whose angles symbolically bear these two sacred numbers.


Don't try, it's impossible.


8.64 °, 86.4 °, 10.864 ° and 108.64 ° do not work for a pyramid.


Let's get around the obstacle, dividing these numbers by two.


Only 43.20 ° and 54.32 ° work.





Now take a close look at this photo...



An accuracy of 1 arc second, twice as thin as the thickness of a hair on your protractor... References  and more  infos : The Bent Pyramid Has Delivered His Secret.



Don't bother building this pyramid, it has already been designed...




Example 2 



This photo was censored by a well-known FB site... Published by one of the admin, then deleted a few hours later by a second admin, after having been shared hundreds of times, to finally cause a real earthquake... So don't hesitate to share it! The angle of 51 ° 50 '40' 'in this photo, is the official average angle measured by Flinder's Petrie. 

 The average perimeter of the earth used is the mathematical average of the equatorial perimeter is southern on a scale of 1 / 40,000th which is also the circumference of the geocentric radius of the Earth at the exact latitude of the pyramids... (see our work.)




This imprecision of 3 m, therefore in reality has a meaning and it is so deep, that you do not yet understand its full scope.


I will come back to this a little later, but back to our sheep...




A set of inconsistencies...



This 3 m "inconsistency" is not the only one...


  • Why did the architect position the three points of aphelion to the south? The South is the position where there is the “most sun”, however, in an orbit, it is at perihelion that the planet receives the “most sun”. The North, or even the East or the West would have made a little more sense (Venus and Mercury are the only two planets that cannot be observed in the South, only in the East or the West.)


Positions and distances of aphelion.


  • The position of the three pyramids, do not correspond to the position of the three planets at their aphelions.
  • Finally, and this is the most important, why does the architect show us very precisely the aphelia of Venus and Mercury without these planets being represented on the site of Giza?


What does all this mean, what does the architect want to tell us?



If you haven't been following our work then this will all be gibberish, but if you go by it it is actually quite clear.



1. By showing us the aphelia of Venus and Mercury without having these two planets, the architect wishes to draw our attention only to the aphelia of one orbit and repeated 3 times, meaning, a very very very large aphelion...


2. The South position of the marker symbolically signifies perihelion.


3. The 1086.4 m of Khafre (Planet X), symbolizes the Earth just before the flood.



We therefore have the following message:



"The position of Khafre represents the perihelion of Planet X at the time of the flood, but its aphelion is very very very large..."



This is what we explain in our work, where this “planet comet” or “wandering planet” has an extremely elliptical orbit which extends well beyond our solar system with a period of just over 6000 years .



Orbit of Planet X, see also our last article.



For those who find it difficult to accept the existence of a hypothetical wandering planet, know that by a strange coincidence, scientists have just recently published the result of their work, which shows the detection of such a planet.


These are said to be much more common than you might think.


Another interesting detail, its size (actually its mass, because size has no influence for gravity), they would most often have a mass equal to or slightly less than that of the Earth...


No comment... (according to our work, Px has a mass of around 90% of earth...)



Info link.



The timing of this publication is really very strange...




The Most Incredible.



As always, I reserve the best for the end by explaining the extraordinary thought of the architect, behind this famous imprecision of 3 m.


You agree with me that if the architect had chosen to indicate the exact value of the aphelion of Venus in meters, then everything would be perfect and incredible.


The pyramids which give the exact values of the 3 aphelia to the nearest meter, positioned perfectly with the South, while at the same time drawing a constellation on the ground!


This architect would be a genius in our eyes!


But this is a big mistake, because it's much more than that...



See the work of a higher intelligence in action.



You will have to hang on a little bit for the explanations.


Imagine the site of Giza as in a plan of space where everything is perfect and precise.

In this space, all distances are correct and that my point of intersection (the sun) is perfectly positioned.



Perfect space ( aphelia of Earth, Venus and Mercury).



In this space where everything is correct, ONLY the distance between Khafre and the benchmark is wrong...


Should I throw this perfect space in the trash?


Isn't it more simple to consider that Khafre is the error?



In this perfect space, Khafre is an anomaly...

In space, Khafre is an anomaly...

In space, Planet X is an anomaly...



This error is caused by a bad placement of Khafre on the site of Giza, therefore by a displacement of Khafre, therefore by a displacement of this planet... (Khafre is 3 m too far).


With this displacement of 3 m (300,000 km in space), the orbit is now at 108.64 million km, but Khafre, which is the error in this space, is still at 1089.4 m...


We are told that it is indeed the aphelion of Venus, but in the wrong place.




An anomaly in space...



1086.4 symbolizing "Earth and Deluge".


So we have :






We have explained that the planet X is responsible for the displacement of the plane of the ecliptic, therefore of the orbital plane, which subsequently caused the Flood.


Aphelion being linked to an orbit, we therefore have:






If I had tried to attenuate or even hide this 3m inaccuracy, then I would have missed the most incredible of messages...


Hiding the truth, gets nowhere.




The architect's final message, including all the elements, is therefore the following:








All this only with 3 measures and 3 m...


An intellectual slap.


How can we get to this point in intelligence?


We are ants compared to the architect!



Now that we have shown you the message from the architect, I am sure that you will be able to solve this very small riddle on your own, not yet solved.


Watch 10 s of this video (playback starts automatically in the right place, 9 '45 "), it is in french but look anyway, because you will see the depression of the faces of the pyramids of Cheops and Menkaure, but not of Khafre, and ask: “why? “




A good question.


So why do you think ?...



"Representation of the phenomenon of lighting on the pyramids of Cheops and Menkaure, but not Khafre..."

See also our computer simulation on this phenomenon. 





In case, the answer is at the end of the page, so as not to spoil your search.






          We will now deal with one additional information transmitted to us by the aphelia of the inner planets of the solar system. 


As you have surely noticed, I used as references in my work, the current values of the three aphelia. 


However, these vary over time, this is due to the variation in the eccentricity of the orbits. 



I wanted to see what that gives by taking two particular dates in the past; that of the flood and that of the construction of the pyramids (according to our work). 



Here are the distances (in millions of km) relating to these two dates:


References: Ephemeris of the Sun, the Moon and the Planets. 




After checking on Google Earth, these two dates still give me an “imprecision” of around 2 m.


Imprecision almost identical to the current value.


However, by subtracting 2 m, we no longer fall on 108.64, or even with 3 m.


Falling on the architect's signature only works for our current period !



As Fabien says so well after having questioned him: “This reinforces and justifies the construction of these monuments. Why would he only evoke the past ? It wouldn't make sense ”.



We find this same temporality, with the correlation of the constellation Cygnus, less known and for which I once gave an explanation (Pyramids of Giza - Orion vs The constellation of Cygnus, the mystery is solved !).


With the papparent movement of the stars, the three pyramids of the Giza plateau were in the past correlated with the belt of Orion. Not with Cygnus.


But today, it is the opposite, it is Cygnus which almost perfectly carries this correlation.


Unlike Orion who lost very slightly in precision.



Fairly faithful correlation with the Orion, however a slight shift is clearly visible.



This is not the case for the constellation Cygnus.



Correlation which however remains quite faithful with Orion, even if a slight shift is visible.



Today, an almost perfect correlation with the three pyramids.



Like a countdown, does the constellation Cygnus give us a Sign of the Times ?



Through all my articles and videos, I have shown you the extraordinary intelligence in the plan of the architect, who want to transmit to us a date or a period in the future, by using in an extraordinarily judicious way the celestial mechanics as well as the apparent movement of the stars.



Moreover, I proved to you that he has the capacities.



In one of our articles, didn't we show you that the architect of the Great Pyramid was the Master of our time ?


On September 23, 2017, we discovered that it was the constellation Cygnus that was the time marker of the Flood! The Sign of the Flood ...



But the most incredible thing is that on March 29, 2017, I showed you in a video, that in 2022, an extraordinary sign will appear in the sky, in the constellation of  Cygnus!


4 'from the video.



All this prodigious conception seems to point to our current period, and more precisely to this fateful date that I transmitted to you in 2015, namely the year 2022.




Some people claim that if it is possible to give a date in the future, it is impossible to predict the future. 

With the exception of; giving the date of the return of a star is not prediction, but science, more precisely astronomy.


The return of a planet  can be calculated by any astrophysicist.


But what can we say for those who know the laws of gravity?


What else can we say for those who know them better than us? (see part 6).



This famous date of 2022 is not only linked to the return of this planet, but to something even greater.

Something spectacular. With positive, but also negative...


Faced with this prediction, I always receive the same remark. Remark from an eschatological point of view: This famous verse 24-36 from Matthew.



“As for the day and the hour, no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.

What happened in Noah's time will also happen at the advent of the Son of man ”



There is such great solemnity in this verse, that one feels the vibration of Truth.


Truth that transcends and blocks any contrary argument... 


Except that again, no one has noted the great intelligence and the deep meaning behind these words.


Words that refer intimately to the architect of the great pyramid...



Why does he say "the hour" ?


This simple sentence is enough:



"As for the day, nobody knows."



To understand the hidden meaning of this verse, you have to come back to the sphinx (the Bible also cleverly and subtly alludes to this, see our work).

Its role as a time marker in connection with the precession of the equinoxes, or even with the position of stars and planets over the course of time which passes, has enabled us to determine this date of 2022.



In astronomy, it is impossible to give a precise date, simply according to a sky chart, this because of the triple movement affecting the apparent displacement of the stars in the sky.


The rotation of the earth, its revolution in one year around the sun and the precession of the equinoxes.


In this triple "gear", the Constellation of Libra for example, will be found in the same place, once a day, thirty times a month and three hundred and sixty-five times a year.






We need repositories or a lot of references (planets, moon, comets).


The repositorieschosen by the architect are:


-First, the sunrise and the zenith.


This way it “locks” the first gear and at the same time gives us a very precise aiming point.


-Secondly the equinoxes and the solstices.


Here, it “blocks” the second gear, thus making it possible to observe only the movement of the third circle, that of precession, in order to be able to determine a date according to the position of the stars.






Using only the movement of the stars, this is the only possible way.



The Sunrise corresponds to: "the hour".


The equinox corresponds to: "the day".


This is why he says:



“As for the day and the hour, no one knows"



Implicitly, it tells us that as accurately as possible we will only be able to know the year.

You now know the deeper meaning of verse 24:36.



What does this constellation of Orion look like?


We all know that very well...



The sun is located exactly in the center of Orion's torch... (click on the image to enlarge).



Orion: the bearer of light and the Sign of the times...

Orion: who fights a lion...



So all is not all black… There is a light, THE light…


Look there and you will find it...




            As you know, I end almost all my articles and videos with this sentence asking you to prepare.

This determined will, this need to warn you is, I am convinced today: THE primary REASON for all my work. One of the sources that gives me the necessary energy...


Today, and even more than ever, I must conclude with this famous sentence. So I will bring a little extra this time...




Be prepared, for what will happen next...


God bless you.


Jean Seimple








Message for the censor :


To censor my work is to censor the truth.

The truth of numbers and mathematics that bathe our universe.

To censor the truth is to fight against the truth and to fight against the truth is to fight against God... 


Share the message, don't censor it, don't censor it anymore...



Answer of the enigma:

Cheops and Menkaure resonate with the sun, but not Khafre... Khafre is therefore not part of our solar system...


 Our work is censored on Facebook and dereferenced by Google, do not hesitate to publish the article on your website or blog, in order to bypass the algorithms.



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