The Revelations



This new book is again, a necessity  for save my work, to "set in stone" through the NATIONAL LIBRARY OF FRANCE.

It comprises two years of work and sacrifice on one of the greatest mysteries of our time. It is not intended as a dream but simply to show you the message of the builders of the pyramid. 

 Some chapters uncover the most important discovery in our history, the famous continent of Atlantis, although this may seem a bit pretentious of me, I know that it is simply the truth, be it good or bad, the truth is the path I have always followed.

I have nothing to sell, since my copyright will be  reserved to charity and my approach is anonymous, and without publicity. 




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- July 24, Paper G formula updated : 

a beautiful equation.



- Paper TGPD updated :  new part 5 and 6. (July 4, 2019).



- New Video (July 4, 2019).



- March 28, 2019

New paper : The Great Pyramid Decoded. 



- 12/25/2018 photos of the school under construction and merry christmas to all.



- New Video (nov.16.2018).



- Update : G Equation v.2 (Nov.01.18)



- Pyramid Apocalypsia, New Edition, available. (see bottom)


- Discovery of G formula.


- New video



- Important new discovery, Atlantis localized with the Great Pyramid, is no longer a theory: A Great Day for Humanity.



- New article : Machu Picchu, Puma Punku Aligned With The Ancient Capital Of Atlantis!

 -New article " The mystery of the tomb of Senmut



From the decoding of the message of the Builders of the Great Pyramid to the discovery of Atlantis, this work compiles all the enigmas resolved by the author on the greatest mysteries that underlie our history; The latter cautiously and discreetly preserved for centuries by certain secret societies...By way of closing all his study, the author reveals to us two new secrets that have never been Published previously, one of which is the resolution of the most mysterious of riddles, ending with an ultimate revelation, perhaps the strangest and most disturbing one...


This book is excluded from any commercial interest; All copyrights will be donated to a humanitarian work.

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 " La vérité est un bateau...l'intelligence est son gouvernail...l'absence de préjugés, le partage, l'écoute, la critique, sont les quatre vents qui soufflent sur ses voiles..."

"Truth is a ship ... intelligence is its rudder ... the absence of prejudices, sharing, listening, criticism are the four winds that blow on its sails ..."


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