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January 13, 2017 : Update  "Atlantis The New Evidence" (end of the article)



December 20, 2016 new article 



December 14, 2016

The Great Pyramid, Atlantis and the Meridian of Greenwich, The Secret is Discovered.


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IMPORTANT RELEASE December 6, 2016

 The secret is discovered !

Following a new discovery made on Monday, November 28, 2016,

We have the pleasure to announce you officially, as we suspected, that The Meridian of Greenwich commemorates and secretly indicates the exact position of the Capital of Atlantis! Known today as the Antarctic ...


It's extraordinary !!

"The secret was well hidden, because it was exposed in full light ..." the dazzling sunlight of Greenwich, which rhythm all clocks of the world !

As one friend said so well:

"The mockers will one day know that their life and the passing time was punctuated by Atlantis ..."


At last, the big day is arrived !


The irrefutable and mathematical proofs will be broadcast in the form of a videoconference whose date and place will be transmitted to you shortly.

Know that we are today, happy and proud that our theory proved to be correct and therefore, to have been able to give you the message of the builders.


As a prelude to this announcement, here is our exclusive video, which proves conclusively and irrefutably that the Pyramid of Cheops is the perfect representation of our planet! And that the Builders knew the laws of Universal Gravitation!


ps : "We are looking for a free media, to translate and publish the conference in English" contact .





July 16, 2016 " Atlantis, The Expertise "


June 29, The article " The Amazing Discovery"  is online.



 June 24, Hello, This important information will be translated in about a week (much work), you can download the pdf  and use google translate, there are a lot of image and little text, you will understand

June 12,  the mystery of the equator leaning, has been solved! We will publish, as well as new information in the coming days.




New article May 23, 2016


The Language of the Builders

My last Truth

The Secrets 

New video :  7  may 2016,  Atlantis The Truth - internat sub-

Planet X & Pyramid

AppendixPlanet X

Atlantis Found

Return of Planet X


Message to Readers

 My work summarized in a video,  which  all details are available in articles. 


The Biggest Secret Of Mankind Unveiled 


"This message is yours, it is your heritage, you must also make every effort to share to the maximum people of your country" .


Also available on Vimeo

 Our children will rewrite history.


    You will find on the website photos and videos that complement reading the book .

After his writing , I found another evidence endorsing an incredible way my demonstration .

I explained the true function of the pyramid of Cheops , which means that the traditional Egyptologists , we have either lied or were mistaken ...

What you need to understand now is that things will never be the same again.

Those who persist in saying that the pyramids were built by Egyptians for their pharaohs, will be considered as new fabulateurs .

The wheel has turned.

Those working in good faith and honestly must now change their long guns 

You must do this not for you and your career, but for your children.


Jean Seimple

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Jean Seimple

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