By Fabien Pardo, July 6, 2016.



This article is intended to extend the work  and revelations of  Jean Seimple, by offering the media and means used in the search and research of the city "ACROPOLIS"




This card, tell us in the red circle the location of this city in Antarctica.


 Zoom on location



In this map that represents the continental shelf of the Antarctic, one can glimpse the relief that now is covered by ice. Nevertheless, it leaves us still a valuable clue as to the location of this legendary city.


Indeed, this site would be located in this plain surrounded by a red circle.

I have therefore considered the matter, that can verify this hypothesis and starting looking for that location.


So I have to do this, called at first the software "Google Earth" to view this plateau.



 By observing this photo, it is obvious that the homogeneous ice cover offers a view without really bring up some reliefs that can help pinpoint the plain.


The purpose of this research is to locate the plain somewhere on the snow and to take her position and dimensions.



The superposition of two maps will enable me to work more easily. It is therefore in this regard an official website that deals with the mapping of the Antarctic continent. Source Antarctic Digital Database:


Below is a sample card offered by the above website that I invite you to visit:




To make this work of superposition, I used a photo editing software "Photo Filters" .If this software has many applications, it is even more interesting, it allows an easy overlay for this type of exercise.





 The next step will therefore be to measure the various distances that can be useful not only to define the influence of the area, but also its location.

For this, I used a software named "Piximètre" I also invite you to visit:


This software is applicable to many areas where accurate and easy measurement of dimensions is required. Since the measurement of bacteria to that of galaxies.



To use this software calibration is essential between the card used and identified actual distances.




 Then, just to set the distance on the map that you want perform .Here measures therefore the grip of the plain according to the stories of Plato:


"First they say that the soil was high above the sea and the steep shore. All around the city reigned plain surrounded herself with a circle of mountains that stretched to the sea..."


So if one refers to his writings, we can initially coarsely determine the influence of this plain.




 But then he told us:


"...Its Surface was smooth and steady, its oblong shape; She had one side three thousand stadia from the center to the sea, two thousand stadia. "


This almost literary description is inevitably a sense, because let's not forget that Plato was also an outstanding mathematician.


So what he wanted to express?


We can see that he first used the term "Oblong" and not ellipsoid or ovoid. The oblong geometry is conventionally marriage rectangles and two semicircles.



It therefore has two sides on its outskirts.


He then used the term (side) and above (on one side):


"...She had a side three thousand stadia ..." And finally the term (center) "...Since the center to the sea, two thousand..."


Plato has accurately described the length of a side of "3000 stadia ..." as a reference to describe the result.

For how, without this baseline can we conclude that the distance from the center to the sea is two thousand.


On basis of this principle, so it is easy to materialize the middle of an experienced side and define the center of the plain.

Then ask the following demonstration:

Here below in relation to the terrain, the baseline to which Plato to be referred. Because south of this plain, the horizon is perfectly clear and free from any relief.




Overview dimensional  of Nasa's map. This modeling required several million measures.

The Relief has also been multiplied by 17 to get a better reading of the topography.




 Report dimensions according to the writings of "Plato"

The description of "Plato" marries and is combined with the configuration of the plain ! surprising.




 Verification of geographical coordinates given by the Great Pyramid.


The media was that the section plane of the Cheops pyramid proposed by this author:


Bases of the dimensions are met for this work: 440 c and 280 c basic height.




 Above altitudes and latitudes of various points:


Calculation example: If the height of the pyramid is 146.608 and is equal to 180 °.

Just simply to make a rule of three.


Example: The height at the 2 nd ridge of the Queen's Chamber is 32.46 m.

So (180 / 146,608) x 32.46 = 39 °, 85 (decimal)



In this representation the postponement of latitudes and different angles, clearly demonstrate that advance Jean Seimple Jean ! Astonishing.

In addition the intersection angles of the ducts of the Queen's chamber, also indicate a latitude of 24 °.



By adopting the principle of geographical coordinates and plotting 5 points for example, of the Queen's chamber, you may notice that Giza is well within the right of this room.




Thus postponing these data, we can see that this pyramid corresponds to the globe mirrored effect .It also reveals two ancient  equator.



The projection of the southern hemisphere, shows the symmetry of the obliquity, and the location of "ACROPOLIS" the second ridge of the king's chamber in Antarctica.



Position of the second ridge of the King's Chamber of the circle of latitude -84 °.

This circle of latitude himself through the center of the plain.




Finally :

if this pyramid is a marvel of science and reflects our globe, all measuring instruments even the most sophisticated have their limitations and can not achieve perfection. This is in my opinion the original dimensions of this monument.



Fabien Pardo 


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