December 20, 2016


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    After two years of research, we are happy today to be able to close this work on the search for Atlantis, with this latest discovery that consecrates in an extraordinary way our theory of which the chronology follows:




ATLANTIS THE NEW EVIDENCE - July 2016, Update november 2016


We do not  in this article to resume all the demonstration made in the video of December 14, 2016, but to supplement it with certain sketches and elements not diffused.


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It is thanks to Fabien's discovery of the correlations between the pyramids of Xian in China and Caral in Peru, which respected an implantation on longitudes precise in order to pay tribute to the famous continent of Atlantis, which pushed us to Review the reading of the plan of the pyramid.


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For the anecdote, you must know that I was abroad when Fabien showed me his work, and when I pointed out to him that the 108.64° was a signature of the builders and that the longitude of Greenwich was already at that time a sacred longitude.




On the sketch above, not shown in the video, we can also see that at the latitude of 30 ° and following a perfect sphere of 6,378.137 km in radius, the distance is exactly 10,472 km or 20,000 Royal cubits (~ 0.5236 m) between the longitude of the pyramids and their reference meridians with 108.625 ° and with 108.64 °, the Royal cubit should be exactly 0.52367 m to obtain 40,000 cubits, or choose for the reference latitude, the value of 30.02 ° instead of 30 °.


We can thus see the very high precision involved in the layout, but above all the incredible mathematical link between the royal cubit (or ~ PI / 6), 40000 (omnipresent in our work) and the value 864 to through its multiplier coefficient 108.64.


These 40,000 Royal cubits in total of Xian and Caral represent the geometric shape of the square (4) and once again symbolize their home ...



The latitude of 30 ° chosen by the builders obviously reminds us of the "Tilted equator" or, more exactly, the ancient inclination of the plane of the ecliptic of our planet (see "ATLANTIS THE NEW EVIDENCE")

This clearly confirms a desired and organized global implantation of these pyramids in connection with the builders.



I propose to Fabien to reconsider the plan of the pyramid, since this information has necessarily to be transmitted by the builders.

The discussion being difficult because of a very weak internet connection (I was abroad), I submitted a small sketch for him to understand my reflection.

Here is a short history of our discussion so that you can relive in some way our investigation.



Original text without correction:

"Thank you Fabien, good I will tell you what I think ... 1 / it is impossible to have 108 ° for Xian without the meridien of greenwich is a creation of the builders. Which is more coherent, then the greenwich merdian, corresponds to the Meridian which passes by the King's Chamber, which indicates Atlantis today and whose value given by the plan corresponds exactly to the position of the meridian of Greenwich! "

"It's more coherent..."


"Hello Jean, your sketch is illogical logic is interesting. I send the beginning of my article in pdf, it would be nice that it is interactive and that you put your annotations or remarks if you like :-) as and His handwriting: for the moment I present the facts Can you make a sketch for me on this meridian which passes through the king's room so that I can understand thank you?

The rest you know it ...



The final sketch of the plan of the pyramid with the geographical coordinates and its way of reading it (mirror effect).



The three points of the chevron of the King's Chamber.



Here are the results obtained by working on one of the most accurate map* of the Pyramid of Khufu, which everyone can check by downloading this software.

* Ole Jørgen Bryn Nordic Journal of Architectural Research Volume 22, No 1/2, 2010; downloadable here





Latitude: calibrate the height of the pyramid to 180 °, then take measurements.


Longitude: calibrate 180 ° from the axis of the pyramid to the facade, redo a new calibration for each new latitude (only for the King's chamber).



For those who can not accept that the pyramid can represent a map of our planet, here is a discovery made by the Japanese, who managed to make a more accurate map of the earth, starting from a pyramid !

link: Autagraph World Map

This photo taken from this site also reminds us of the famous cubit of the triangle (see article "KEYS OF THE PYRAMID") which symbolizes the union of the circle and the square and demonstrates once again the incredible coherence and intelligence of the plan Builders.


There are still riddles to be solved, like that of the five rows of granite block above the King's chamber. I promised in my book not to solve it, but I think that if we transfer the shape of the blocks into geographic coordinates in the form of a pentagon, they may draw the map of the Antarctic. ..



Finally the secret code of the Greenwich coordinates, recalled a pyramid and the 180 ° characteristics of any triangle (sum of the angles of a triangle = 180 °) by summing in effect mirror the three numbers.



15+82+83 = 180



The Mystery of Orion's Correlations


Through our globe, there are many correlations, with the constellation of Orion. Correlations that we still have difficulty to understand from their quasis accuracy, their locations at geographical points far from each other. But also the motivation Of such representation on land


This belt has 3 stars called "Alnitak, Alinilam and Mintaka". They form an almost perfect alignment. They have inspired many civilizations for thousands of years. The most famous of them, located in Giza.



The Correlation of Orion in Giza (Egypt)




These 3 pyramids represent according to the theory of "Robert Bauval" the projection of the Orion belt:



"Orion's correlation is a theory proposed by some Egyptologists (such as Selim Hassan) or archaeo-astronomers (such as Robert Bauval) that there is a correlation between the position of the pyramids in Egypt and the position of the stars, The three pyramids of the Giza necropolis (Kheops pyramid, Khéphren pyramid, Mykerinos pyramid) and the three central stars of the Orion constellation (δ Orionis, ε Orionis and ζ Orionis) - constitute the asterism called the belt Of Orion. "


Indeed we can see that these 3 stars coincide with the 3 pyramids of Giza. I therefore undertook nevertheless to verify the accuracy of these respective positions by this plan realized with the help of «Autocad».



But this statement reveals a shift of the star "Mintaka" on "Mikérinos" . Two positions appear on this sketch, it is the proper movement of this star over millennia (configuration in -10500 and in 2016). It can thus be seen that this correlation has never been rigorous according to the data collected in "Stellarium".

The support used for this carryover is the survey done by "Findler Petrie" from the data of his survey.

The ground plan of the Pyramids of Giza




 Correlation of Orion in Caral (Peru)


The archaeological site of Caral, located in the desert near the coast of Peru, in the region of Lima, province of Barranca, 180 km north of Lima, is the vestige of the oldest pre-Columbian city of America known to date . It was built by the so-called Caral civilization, also called Norte Chico or Caral Supe. Carbon analyzes of reeds found in it date its construction between 2600 and 2000 BC. BC, making it the oldest American city and one of the oldest in the world, contemporary with the great pyramids of Egypt.


Indeed, these pyramids, have attracted my attention, because it seems that this site very little known, by the edification of these pyramids, does not escape this rule.



Here is the photo of Google earth, showing this correlation.and whose coordinates of the central pyramid are: 77 ° 31'13,20''O for longitude and 10 ° 53'30,56 '' S for latitude. The conversion to decimal coordinates is worth:

                                              Long: 77.5203 ° O - Lat: 10.89182 ° S


I therefore endeavored to verify this correlation on the same principle as "Gizeh" by means of a postponement.



Longitude: - 77 ° 31'13,20''O

Decimal value: - 77,5203 °



Orion Correlation of Xian (China)


For this 3rd correlation, I noticed that these 3 pyramids of the province of Xian in China, seemed to be implanted in a correlative way with the Orion's Belt. A correlation to my unprecedented sense.


China has numerous tumuli of pyramidal form, called Chinese pyramids by the first Europeans to have discovered them. Most are located within a radius of 100 km around the city of Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi Province in Central China. They have long been the subject of controversy, due in part to the secrecy of the Chinese authorities and their poor state of preservation, which often makes them similar to natural mounds. Https://


Geographic coordinates



34 ° 20'17 N, 108 ° 34'10 E 

34 ° 21'42 N, 108 ° 38'25 E 

34 ° 23'52 N, 108 ° 42'44 E



Above the Google Earth location of these 3 pyramids


I obviously decided to check again this correlation with Orion, and as you can see the result is rather surprising, because the distances that separate these pyramids are about 7 km



Longitude: - 108 ° 38'25 '' E

Decimal: 108.6402 °


These three sites and correlations, separated by several thousand kilometers, seem to be the same pattern. If we suspect, a unique knowledge common to all these civilizations, it remains difficult to give any particular explanation or motivation and yet!


There is a more than disturbing element between these three sites. Indeed, I realized that the sites of "Caral and Xian" were located at the same longitude according to an apparently not random arrangement.


Indeed, if the value of the longitude of Xian is "+ 108 ° 38'E" considering that Grennwich is the meridian of origin "0 °"


Well the longitude of the site of "Caral" is at the same longitude as "Xian" Considering that the Meridian of origin is not "Grennwich" but "Gizeh".


 If the longitude of Giza is "31,1344 °". Well!


Caral Gizeh origin = (- 31,1344 °) + (-77,5203) = -108,6544 ° O

                  Xian origin Grennwich = 0 ° + 108.6402 ° E = 108.6402 ° E


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