From Earth To The Triangle Of The Builders

Pyramid Apocalypsia.

By Fabien Pardo, October 13, 2017.




Introduction by Jean Seimple.


Everyone knows the famous equation of Albert Einstein, who succeeded in summarizing in two expressions, dozens of lines of equations that govern the secrecy of matter and make us understand that, behind the apparent complexity of our universe, hides a simplicity, synonymous of the most beautiful sophistications.

In this article, Fabien will show you that behind the complexity of the formulas and the effects of centrifugal force on the shape of our planet (its flattening), also hid a geometrical simplicity, as well as the famous golden ratio...



The terrestrial radius of Giza


Before showing you that the different rays of the earth are governed by the Number of Gold, we will show you once again that the architect of the Great Pyramid had indeed used the middle perimeter of the Earth to convey his message as explained in the last article "The Great Pyramid of Giza Decoded".


  • A brief reminder of the official dimensions of the earth and the preceding calculations:


Mean radius
6371.0 km (3958.8 mi)[6]
6378.1 km (3963.2 mi)[7][8]
Polar radius
6356.8 km (3949.9 mi)[9]
Flattening 0.0033528[10]
1/298.257222101 (ETRS89)



  • The first demonstration : 


  • And demonstrated a second time:

40 041 440 m is the average circumference of the Earth, (40 075 017 + 40 007 864) / 2.

0.0043456 or 1 / 230.117 is the geometric flattening rate of 1.0864 (see article).

40 041 440 / 0.0043456 = 9 214 248 895

9 214 248 895/10 000 000 (scale of our meter) = 921.42 m !

Perimeter of the Great Pyramid of Cheops: 921.42 m !



The average circumference of 40041.44 km of our planet used by the architect, corresponds to a radius of 6372.793 km (40041.44 / 2 π).

The actual value of the earth's radius is never the same and depends on the latitude of the place and its altitude.

Now we can see from the graph below that the radius used by the architect, corresponds to latitude 30 °, ie the latitude of the Great Pyramid !


Radius of the earth according to its latitude, wikipedia.


After verification on a graph and Autocad, this radius is indeed that which is at 30 °.


© Pyramide Apocalypsia
© Pyramide Apocalypsia


Thanks to online software, everyone can check and refine the value of this radius.



Radius of the earth used by the Builders and used in our calculations: 6372.793 km.


Radius of the earth at the latitude of the pyramid: 6372.824 km !


An accuracy of 30 m, less than the length of an Olympic pool, it's really amazing!



 The geometric and dynamic flattening


As we have seen, our terrestrial globe is not all made spherical, since the latter is slightly flattened at the poles.



If our earth did not rotate on itself, it would be "spherical".

Indeed, the flattening of the earth at the poles is due to the fact that it rotates on itself around an axis passing precisely through the poles. Like any rotating object, it undergoes the effect of centrifugal force. This force being greater at the equator than at the poles, therefore, a swelling at the equator and a depression at the poles, where the force is less important, occurs.



The triangle of builders



Or "square of architects", has 2 sides of respective lengths 1 and 2.

The triangle of the builders is, as its name suggests, the square of the architects. All the triangles linked to the golden number have a root of five (√5) worth 2.236068, hidden in height or on one side and inscribed in a double square.


© Pyramide Apocalypsia
© Pyramide Apocalypsia


But it happens that the equation and the solution of Phi, are in this particular triangle, it is solved by the addition of the small side (1) and the hypotenuse (√5), the whole divided by the big side (2). It is from this principle the numerical resolution of Phi: 1.618034



If we know this constant Phi from a mathematical point of view, it also defines the natural equilibrium of the world around us. Why should this terrestrial globe not be governed by this same equilibrium?



From earth to the triangle of builders.


Indeed, I have been able to highlight this relationship between the dimensions of our globe and this harmonious relationship inscribed in this "triangle of builders".


© Pyramide Apocalypsia
© Pyramide Apocalypsia


Using the equatorial circumference given at 40 075.017 km and subtracting this circumference twice the pure value of  (√5): 44.72136.

I get a circumference of 40 030.296 km, a radius of 6371.019 km.


Using the given polar circumference at 40 007.864 km and adding to this circumference the pure value of (√5): 22,36068.

I get a circumference of 40 030.224 km, a radius of 6371.008 km.


Here is the official value of the average volumetric radius of the earth provided by the WGS, which has the peculiarity of respecting the initial volume of the earth in a perfect sphere configuration:


6371,008 km!


On the one hand, I see a difference between these 2 circumferences calculated with this relation of 72 m, on the equatorial circumference and 0 m, on the polar circumference !



We can thus see an intimate relationship between this "Triangle of builders", and therefore the golden ratio and this perfect sphere.


But it is not finished ... if we use the circumference of the "mean volumetric radius" mentioned above and equal to 40030.224 km, we simply need to add to this circumference the pure value of 11.18034, or √ 5/2, to obtain:



40041.41 km which confers a radius of 6372.787 km, that is to 6 m accurately, 

the radius resulting from the arithmetic mean of the polar and equatorial

circumference of the earth, used by the architect : 6372,793 km !!




There is therefore a real relation between the various earthly circumferences and this principle of the "triangle of the builders" bringing Phi, Pi and √5 into light.


Finally, I would be tempted to write this, what I will call the "Transfer of the earthly circumferences in a perfect circle" by the relation of the "Triangle of builders"


© Pyramide Apocalypsia
© Pyramide Apocalypsia


And to conclude this article, here is another surprising relationship.

The average of these 2 radius  6372.787 km (Giza) and 6356.752 km (Polar), is worth 6364.77 km and  corresponds to the latitude of 52.36°!


And   52.36° -  30° = 22.36 or 10 times √5!



The position of the Great Pyramid on Earth :




In addition to transmitting a message of memory and compassion, the Builders wished to show us that the laws of physics formulated mathematically were closely related to geometry and its basic constants such as Phi, Pi and √5...


 By Fabien Pardo with the participation of Jean Seimple.



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