Appendix Planet x 

 Requires reading section " four cubits, four keys " before.



So here are some complementary information that the builders of the pyramids wanted to send us .

Let's start with its characteristic and then returning without going into detail at this time.


Translated 01, november 2015



Aspect of the Pyramid of Khafre.




" The pyramid is built of horizontal courses. The stones used at the bottom are very large, but as the pyramid rises, the stones become smaller, becoming only 50 cm (20 in) thick at the apex. The courses are rough and irregular for the first half of its height but a narrow band of regular masonry is clear in the midsection of the pyramid. At the northwest corner of the pyramid, the bedrock was fashioned into steps.[8] Casing stones cover the top third of the pyramid, but the pyramidion and part of the Apex (geometry—apex) are missing.


The bottom course of casing stones was made out of  pink granite (red granite of Aswan ) but the remainder of the pyramid was cased in Tura Limestone. Close examination reveals that the corner edges of remaining casing stones are not completely straight, but are staggered by a few millimeters."


 Covering the pyramid of red Aswan granite and limestone, the builders indicate its size in relation to its mass  and that my reasoning was correct.



 Their way of representing a physical body is more advanced than us ... They integrate the mass factor (matter) in addition to the spatial dimensions.


If you were in front two perfectly identical objects but one of which would be twice heavier than the other, you do not even you would be doing account and yet it changes everything!



This information is also signified by the slope of Khephren, which is 4/3, the rate found in the formula to calculate the volume of a sphere !


And the main reason is that in our case is that the gravitational effects of a planet depends , not its size but its mass and the inconsistency of the size of the pyramid with its dimensions , is actually quite consistent and logical.


"Or how to tell its small size and a large mass ..."

 Map Giza site

It has a satellite
It has a satellite


I explain in my book that before this decoding, the red granite of Aswan

symbolizes the blood and so, red color.


So here is the extremely detailed description of the Planet X with Its main satellite :




So we have the size, mass, its appearance, its satellite but we lack the critical date of return.

It is obvious that the builders have given this information and I think I found us.


First we need a referential or a starting point and that is Robert Bauval (first) gives us that.


 SPHINX watched "his" constellation of LEO exactly opposite 10,915 years ago


Sphinx looking at his own image is not a coincidence but the evidence that they are also builders who created the zodiac and constellations!

To mark this date they watched the stars and imagined an easily recognizable figure and a symbol of danger.


The position of the star and thus the date
The position of the star and thus the date
and method to easily mark the date.
and method to easily mark the date.

Associates these stars to a horse would have been wiser and simpler, more the horse is much more widespread in the world as the lion, but it does not symbolize the danger.

The date of construction of the Sphinx is also the date of the creation of the zodiac by the builders. 


Wide of Giza site



The double pavement of the Sphinx symbolizes the cycle of planet x.


 A length of about 500m

As we have seen in the previous decoding, all dimensions are beings multiplied by 10.

So :

5000 / 0.51 ( circle cubit ) = 9803 years


Is a cycle of 19,607 years (double floor) approximately.


Date of return of Planet X or the next flood?

Just look at the constellation that is the opposite of that of Leo.


Current situation :

the axis of rotation of the Earth will reach its closer alignment with the North Star (Polaris) in 2015 and then in gradually depart ...

If we consider this maximum precession with Tetrade  (2014/2015), solar eclipses that pass through the poles exactly one day of the equinox and the first day of the first month of the Hebrew calendar, we are in a sacred crossroad!

 If you have not read the book, you can not understand why the Tetrad return to my explanation.
If you have not read the book, you can not understand why the Tetrad return to my explanation.


Planet X is it observable? 


Only a very powerful telescope and operating in the infrared could detect it, so you can forget all the photos that are on the net about Niburu , Planét X etc...


Two of the most powerful telescopes belong to the Mount Graham International Observatory.

The first LUCIFER!

I'm not kidding... and the second is the TUAV and it is up to the Vatican...


Next article Atlantis.

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