Message to readers


My dear friends,

Feeling like an obligation and necessitated, I decided today to reveal a secret in connection with my discoveries.

From all my texts, this one was by far the most difficult to write, because you can not have words to describe things that are not of our world.


I have no need of this last revelation to convince you of all my work , Logic and consistency widely enough and even the contrary clearly it will hurt me by providing a pretext for destroy my credibility all my work with what follows, but this is also the price to pay for the truth is fully and in its entirety setting light.


Before starting and not to pass for just another prophet or a visionary, here is an update necessary for you to believe in my sincerity and avoid any suspicion in my step.


- Jean seimple is an author pseudonym, my approach is anonymous, with no will of fame or celebrity ("single people" if you had not included)


- After this letter, I will close my Facebook page, and I never write any article.


- From this day, my book is available (end link page) in free download ( english )



Absolutely no thing will be given me in return of these revelations, aside from the hope that some of you feel that way and give them a little hope in this world that becomes crazy.


My friend (s), thanks to heaven, the unseen things I could do all these amazing discoveries.

"God", the "Angels", I do not know ...

I was passing information through my mind throughout the writing of the book without realizing it.

I thought just cross a sort of intellectual euphoria.

Writing a book in just seven days, while at the same time, incredible discovery, the decoding of enigmas and for a person who is void French, had not arrested me.

until the night of Sunday, December 7 ...

I had almost finished writing the book, I no longer search nothing, my mind was calm again ...

This spanked some time that I would wake me up every night, always

around the same time, either with "ideas" or be answers to my riddles.


I had no suspicion, all seemed normal to me, "sleep on it" as they say ...


That night I slept a deep, peaceful sleep because I was very tired by the writing of the book, when once again, not, I woke up ... but woke me.


I was awakened again, but this time a different way, I physically felt something in my brain back with three images or very clear visions in my mind.

It is very difficult to describe it, but to put it simply, it was like a speck of light that had reached my pineal gland, high energy voluntarily with such a small electrical shock, as if to say "you're dreams not. "

(this table Carlo Crivelli is a good description of what I lived)

It was like receiving a message, but this time with an acknowledgment, that I realized what had just happened.

I can not prove to you unfortunately the physical event and you can believe me that the heart and the love of the truth that I have deep in my soul.

But I will reveal the three things that I transmitted that night and how they did it so I can understand the reality of the phenomenon:


- The first vision that was shown, is people, apparently rich (like an elite) and informed, who were preparing to "flood" right now (I do not know yet for the planet X).

- The second was a vision of finance with the Paris Bourse and the CAC 40.

(phonetically in French CAC, corresponds to 4 )


- Third thing was not a vision, but the idea that I had to look at the time ...


And just after or at the same time, the alarm clock with the little "grain" of energy as a photon that hit my brain.

I did not understand at all what that arrived me ... and I said to myself "? What is this madness," the sting in my head, visions ...


I stayed 4 to 5 minutes completely stunned, my Cartesian, the first to rational explanations to my friends, I did not have one for me.

I was passing visions loop until I comply with the third vision, "watching the clock ..."

So I looked at the time on my alarm clock, it was 4:45 ...


4:45 ... 4:45 ... I do not understand ...


But that was about 5 minutes I was thinking about what happened to me and that, therefore, the time of my awakening happened in reality about 4:40.


4:40 ... 4:40 ... and I repeated over and over I heard ... CAC40 CAC40!

(I realized later that "440" also meant the pyramid by its dimensions.)


I came to understand ...

They had given me an extraordinary evidence by sending me a message at a specific time.

A short "beep" at a very precise moment, that was enough; a simplicity that proves incredible intelligence ...

I recognized their mark here.

And it is no joy or euphoria you feel, but fear ...

Fear of the unknown, things that escape you, things that are not seen.

No, not of joy or ecstasy.


Then even more afraid because with the visions, it was that the deluge Chilling, and your life changing forever ...

I had a very calm, quiet life, I was smiling face 2012 or delusions of the Apocalypse, conspiracy theories, the NOW etc ...

I came to understand the real reason of the book ...

I should warn you. 


I talked to my family, confident, because they were religious as I ever was, thinking they would be enthusiastic in their speaking of what happened to me, it is ultimately just the opposite has occurred.

Derision, mockery ... you were the adviser, the conciliator, you become fragile, weak ... crazy.


I could go on for pages and pages, but I'll stop there, hoping to convince you that there is hope and that we are not alone.


Know that I received another proof a few days later, but I can tell you more unfortunately, except that they mastered all our communication tools.


Finally if you read my book bearing in mind what I have to reveal to you, you will see for yourself that there was something strange, too important discoveries for such a "small man".


And speaking of Discovery: what discoveries!


- The pyramids that are first, a memorial for humanity and a warning for future générations.



- Atlantis.


- Its location coded in stone, right before our eyes, thanks to the house ...


- Discovery of the Acropolis, one of the cities of Atlantis.


- The 4 Egyptian cubits related to the golden ratio and basic geometrical figures.


- The zodiac.


- Planet X.


- The date of his return.


- The Greenwich meridian.


-Etc ...


- And the most incredible, which is in the book and I'll let you discover.(unveilled in the video)


Everything is true and verifiable with the exception of one thing:


The dates for the opening of the seals (item "revelation") but I it clear that they are likely dates ... 

But with the key, you can even looking for her. For me, I just have a doubt for the date of the second seal.

(but it explains why this meeting is secret and closed to media.)


 Here, there are only a few words to live for Jean Seimple, then I will use them in the most beautiful way, by taking a text from the book:



I wrote the following lines, first, when in tears, the truth struck me.

I had just taken the decision to stop everything, and write this book.

This will be my last lines ...

Today, though my rational mind could talk, he would tell me: "Do not you find strange thing happened to you? These signs, those funny coincidences?

Do you not feel, to be like a drop of awareness?

 Soon to fall as rain on the earth of men ...

Becoming a soldier who goes into running order for the battle to come? An army of men, women, equipped with the knowledge by way of the sword, and wisdom to shield ready for battle.


Let your steps are sometimes like a little guidance?

You always sacrifice your own life, that of your children.

You have agreed to lower spine, feigning a simple mind.

But there ... stopping your work on what sacrifice altar have you set foot?

I jump without a net.

I only have eight arms who support me, are sturdy four: those of my children.

Under my feet the void.

Opposite the unknown.

 Above the sky and its thousands of stars.

I see behind each of them, the smile of a small child.

So I hop ...

for them...


Thank you to you and God bless us.


For our children ...


Jean Seimple, October 2nd, 2015, Feast of the Guardian Angels ... 


Act Bible 2-17 

"In the last days, saith God, I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; Your son and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams. And on my servants and on my handmaidens in those days will I pour out of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy. ... " 

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