The Mysterious Newgrange's Stele Decrypted



Pyramid Apocalypsia.

By Jean Seimple, July 7, 2019.

Updated December 13, 2020 (bottom).



“The Guardian Stone. “



The Newgrange tumulus located north of Dublin, Ireland, is one of the oldest prehistoric sites, dating back to at least 3000 BC. (millennium before Stonehenge).


With a diameter of more than 84 m, the tumulus contains a burial chamber, accessible by a long passage under the tumulus.


The great curiosity of this site comes essentially from its stelae and stones which are adorned with strange spirals, striations and various geometrical figures, which make up the tumulus, the passage and the burial chamber.



Stele L19 from Newgrange, Ireland. Photo Anthony Murphy,



The most strange stele is the L19, called “the Guardian stone”.


Here is the decoding done in collaboration with R P. Bartosz of Study In Experimental Archaeoastronomy and Megalitic Portal.


For a good understanding, you must have followed our work or read this scientific study, which explains that the inclination of the Earth has been modified by 6°, by a star external to the solar system.



Here is its meaning, first with intermediate decoding: 


The "hills" are big waves.


The square in the center, symbolizes the house, the house, the Earth, as we have seen previously.




And its final decoding :


In yellow the axis of rotation of the Earth, in the center of the spirals, the polar and southern stars (celestial poles). Movement of the celestial pole, therefore change of inclination of the Earth.



The square in the center is the symbol of the Earth and the house.


 The value of 30° below, indicates the old inclination of the Earth (the famous tilting equator of 30°).


 90° indicates the angle of the square, therefore the angle of the Earth.


 60° represents the number 6 and indicates the variation of 6°.



 We can observe that the axis does not go through the center of the square, which has a double symbolism, the earth, but also the house. The house is shifted to the left and represents the displacement of its longitude.


 We also observe that the concentric circle on the left is smaller than the other two, which means a decrease of 30° – 6° = 24° or the inclination of the earth 10,000 years ago. 



The message says:


“The inclination of the Earth was 30°, it varied by 6°, caused a great catastrophe and the displacement of the house.”



Finally, what is surprising is that this message of the stele L19 is identical to the message we managed to decode, transmitted by the 4 symbols located in front of the real entrance of the great pyramid, which said: 


 ”The change of inclination of the Earth has caused the deluge and the displacement of Atlantis-Antarctica.” 



This stele and its symbols are simply extraordinary!



Video that shows the amazing  link between the Megalithic Inch and the Great Pyramid, subtitle to activate.





Update December 13, 2020.



I share with you a great find made by a British reader who has visited the Newgrange site twice, but to fully understand, you really need to have read the article first: 


The Sphinx and the Return of Planet X.


Can you see what he saw with his "childish eyes" ?





Mail received on December 12, 2020, by Tom Hull.


Dear Sir,

I stumbled upon your web site accidently, and was particularly struck by your decoding of the Newgrange Entrance stone. (L19), and its reference to Atlantis and Nibiru.

I have been to Newgrange, on two occasions and although fascinated by the light box and its connection to the Spring Equinox, it was the physical appearance of the edifice, especially from an aerial viewpoint, that made me stop and think.

To me, it looked just like the Egyptian Apis Bull.



If the green circular center was stripped of grass, the soil would look like a dirty brown reddish ball and if the white painted arms were not painted, they would look like dark brown horns, or… maybe they should be painted Red as the wings of Nibiru.

The Apis bull is obviously Taurus and Nibiru is shown entering our solar system through the horns of the bull. The wings of Nibiru are shown as red flashes on either side of Nibiru and if that is not a train of debris, IE Nibiru’s tail following behind it, then I don’t know how better you could display it in a painting.

The two circles inside the belly of the bull, IE our solar system, one smaller than the other, can only be the planet Earth and its smaller moon.

I too, decode stuff, especially the Arthurian Legends, so I recognize hidden meanings in pictures, hidden in plain sight, just like the Round Table of King Arthur.

Thank you for your warning of the return of Nibiru. I guess getting up high to avoid the water tsunami is the answer for 2022 and then down low under rock to avoid the tail.

If your decoding is correct, IE 22 March 2022, then Newgrange must be a representation of Nibiru.


Tom Hull



Nice find isn't it, even the paving in front of the entrance, is a symbol which one finds on the skull of the God Apis on the Egyptian statuettes.


Apis Bull Statuette, Egypt, ca. 664–525 BC. Bronze, Height: 10.2 cm and Newgrange's site.



Jean Seimple


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