The Secret : God and The Pyramid 


 The Secrets Of The Founding Fathers Of The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA And The $ 1 Bill

Sunday, February 7 2016







     This article aims to give you  the keys and bring you the evidence that has never released to the public.

These keys will open the doors of the Bible, the pyramids, the Flood, the freemasons and the Planet x and show you that everything is connected in an incredible way and that all this is part of a single story !



It was one of the hardest to write because it needs to balance the accuracy and detail of a book while keeping the size of a newspaper article, and we also hope that it can serve as a working basis for the many independent researchers by enabling them to unravel the many mysteries not yet studied.


Before revealing you the codes and Freemason secrets, a slight introduction necessary, without going into details because the subject is very complex.


Heir of the Knights Templar, Freemasonry was originally a non-religious, non-political, the oldest fraternal and charitable and the biggest in the world.
It was an alliance of free men of all denominations and from all social backgrounds.
Benjamin Franklin, Franklin Roosevelt, Leonardo da Vinci, Georges Washington... were Freemasons.




The main founders of the united states of America and the French revolutions, were Freemasons, they works to return power to the people by establishing in their new constitutions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Today the situation is very complex, many struggles to demonize and make them go for the bad boys, which is only at half true, because actually today many lodges do not pursue more noble objectives that motivated the cause and unfortunately work for a powerful minority guided by the invisible hand of « The Dragon ».

I do not go into detail because as I have said the issue is complex and that interests us here is to unveil a few of their secret codes and known as "The builders secrets" which dates back to the ancient Sumerian, Egyptian civilization, and the Pyramids builders.

These secrets were not hidden but rather transmitted in a particular way: they are encoded not in a complex way, but in a way so obvious and simple that you do not see them.

"The secret is hidden because it is exposed in the light." 

I incorporated throughout the article a little quiz (multiple answer) to test your intelligence but above all to make it more accessible and more enjoyable reading, even if the subject is very serious.
There will be a photo behind each question so that you can not read the answer unintentionally.




Secret # 1




This famous photo, is the supreme Seal of the United States : "The Great Seal".
Many associate mistakenly to a powerful financial group occult.
This symbol is extraordinary intelligence and simplicity, I sometimes wonder if it is a human spirit that created it (just kidding half and you will see at the end of the article, why...) there are in this symbol of virtually every Freemason secrets that I will reveal.


They are so important that the Founding Fathers who were Freemasons did in the Supreme Seal of the United States of America, the future world power of our planet.

And it's no coincidence that they included a Pyramid on the seal ...

I begin by one of the great Secret, which is revealed to you in this video, but this time we will provide you the evidence and secret codes that are linked to it.




Quiz # 1


Why is there the motto "In God We Trust" off of a pyramid?


A The author who is a Freemason was found that pretty.
B Surely there must be a connection.
C I do not know and I will like that you hurry to explain it.

Answer: B


This is the God of the Bible who is the architect of the Great Pyramid of Egypt.
That is why there is a pyramid next to the motto of the united states "In God We Trust"


It is through The Ark of the Covenant or "Ark of the testimony", that Moses approached the Lord, and if you come to prove that the Ark was originally in the trunk granite, which is in the room of the King of the Great pyramid, then you infer that it is God who is the designer of that pyramid.



Before you prove and enter with numbers we need to answer a simple but crucial question:

what is the ark?

As you'll see throughout this article, the Ark of the Covenant is related to the famous Flood.
Under the term of the Flood is hiding a devastating tsunami caused by unimaginable earthquake, by the gravitational effects of the famous Planet x.


To understand what are the Ark, try to answer the following question:



Quiz # 2


If a flood of biblical proportions (unimaginable tsunamis) happen tomorrow, what should be your reaction?


A  Get high to protect me.
B  Make a stock of food to survive.
C - I backup my encyclopedias not go back to the Stone Age.


Answer: A, B and C


This does not recall anything?

The first thing to do is protect themselves and thus get high.

- God told Moses to go up the mountain.
- Moses also in possession of something that protects the water (separation of the sea).


Secondly you need food in order to survive.

- For 40 years the tribe tongs desert survival by eating the famous "manna"

Thirdly you need to save your knowledge to not start from scratch.

- God gave Moses the tablets of the law, the rules for building a new society.


- The "knowledge" is the ark itself ... it is a tool of communication between God and Moses.


The Ark of the Covenant is God's help to face a deluge!
And you will see that the Ark came to the Great Pyramid.






Secret # 2 The Ark and The Pyramid.


From the book to understand how the author discovered that the Ark was in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid.
Last Chapter "That I did not want revealed" (link to download the book for those who wish to read it, in the end of the article.)

"Many archaeologists have suspected that the trunk of the king's chamber could have contained the Ark of the Covenant of Moses, but the dimensions of the tabernacle (the receptacle that contained the Ark) which are in the Bible did not correspond with those of coffer which is in the king's chamber.
Why ?

Because the value of their cubit was wrong...





Here are the measures of the Ark (tabernacle) that God gives to Moses:

"The Lord spoke to Moses, saying, Speak unto the children of Israel. They will make an ark of acacia wood; its length shall be two and a half cubits, its breadth a cubit and a half its height a cubit and a half."


Of course I did not find anything, because I was not the first to have had the idea to make the comparison, and especially that we did not use the right cubit …

I discovered the true cubit, that of the triangle, until January 2015 and it is this "God" uses.
As if we had wanted to leave a trail.
We will see a little further new measures.
So I proceeded in another way ...
I served, not measures of the trunk, but the king's chamber, where he was.
The king's chamber is ten to twenty cubits.
commonly accepted with 52.36 cm for the royal cubit measurement.
In the Bible, God asked Solomon to build a temple:
Bible 1 Kings 6

"3 And the porch before the temple of the house was twenty cubits in length, depending on the width of the house; * its depth was ten cubits outside the house. "

I had found my proof ... this could not be a coincidence.
My key was the Bible! And it was she who opened all the doors!
For example, to know how much water it was necessary to introduce in the pyramid (to symbolize the Flood) 



I had just returned to the Temple of Solomon ...





A water volume of 36 m3 (symbolizing the seas, you will see a bit later) on oxen, to signify that he must travel ...
Victims of the Flood, is this volume of holy water.


Besides, no one understood why it was buried under a pyramid, thousands of vessels ... (40,000 exactly.)




Bibliotheca Alexandrina Antiquities Museum )

And the last thing: why we are pursuing someone? Why should the Egyptians pursue Moses?
Because he has something that belongs to them...




Secret # 3 Measurements of God.



In his message, God designed measures with the universal language of mathematics and geometry, and the most famous and mysterious number, the golden ratio or the number of God, Phi 1.618



Here are three of the measures that the complete explanation is available in English and I really suggest you read this fascinating article: KEYS OF THE PYRAMID - FOUR CUBIT, FOUR KEYS



The secret of the pyramid builders was before your eyes...







Square cubit 

  It corresponds to the side of a square of equal to φ perimeter   
    = φ/ 4  = 0.40  
It symbolizes the square and the Moon. (Moon size = 1/4 size of Earth...)
Circle cubit 
 It corresponds to the diameter of a circle from having a perimeter equal to φ 
= φ/ π = 0.51
It symbolizes the circle and the Sun.


Triangle Cubit 

It quite simply, "marry" the circle and the square to get a new cubit, that of the triangle.



Their union is 0.91/2 = 0.455 
It symbolizes the triangle, pyramid, The Earth.






Ark : Length: 2.5 Width: 1.5 Height: 1.5
Cubit triangle or pyramid = 45.5 cm

Here's what we found ...
68.10 cm = 1.5 Cubit Triangle!
227.63 cm = 5 Cubit Triangle! Exactly twice!
Why a double length? And why the outside volume of the coffer is twice the internal volume?


God speak to us with the language of mathematics!

"What is outside is double what is inside..."

There were two Arches!

Michael's Sanders who has always supported the thesis that there were two arches was right ...
To be quite honest there is a difference of 1 mm, but is simply due to there room temperature and the phenomenon of thermal expansion of the materials.In our case, turn down the temp of 10 ° C and have your mm ...

As I tell you these measures, which I call the Keys of The Pyramid, opens all the doors of the Bible and of the pyramid and that God uses mathematics to transmit information.

When there is a large building or a monument you must calculate the dimensions with two decimal places and three decimal places for small dimensions.


Consider for example the dimensions of Noah's Ark:


Thanks to its key you understand the origin of the ark, the cause of the disaster and unique mathematical values.

First, the simplest : the volume of the Noah's Ark

300x30x50 = 450000
450 000 / 0.45 = 1 000 000 of Cubit Pyramid!


300 / 0.45 = 666.6666 ...  The Planet X as was demonstrated in the article :

Planet X is the beast of the Apocalypse.



The Seal Of Solomon (again...)


God gives us the cause of the disaster and therefore the reason for the Ark.

30 / 0.45 = 66.6666 ... The satellite, which accompanies Planet X as explained in this article (here) and in the video.




50 / 0.45 = 111.1111111 …


Quiz # 3

What 111.111 mean?

A - it's just nice
B - that's what we call a pyramidal number
C - when to take an aspirin with these issues in math!

Résultat de recherche d'images pour ""


Answer B of course, it is a pyramidal number, which we recall again, mathematically the pyramid.


111 x 111 = 12321  1111 x 1111 = 1234321...



A final example not to overload the subject with numbers.

Here are the dimensions, diameter 10 Cubit, Height 5 Cubit (Bible 1 Kings 7) of the Brazen Sea that I showed you above, which is found in the temple of Solomon.

According to the Talmud, it was not entirely round: the upper two-fifths were round, but three-fifths were lower square (TalmudEruvin 14a, b)


What round and square? The  Triangle Cubit or Pyramid!


If you calculate the volume in cubit, you get :

125 x π 



Again the circle and the square or the triangle, Pyramid, Earth.

Brazen Sea symbolizes in mathematical language, all the seas of our Planet who are rampaging during the flood.
40,000 vases symbolize our planet, humanity (40,007 km Earth circumference)



Water spilled into the pyramid (Earth) represents all the seas that flow in the earth and has virtually decimated humanity.

Just amazing...





How many of you know, than the diameter of Earth is the root of the number of Gold 



and symbolizes its divine origin? And that its size is a square, a symbol of home, our Home.



Now back to our $ 1 bill and our Freemason


 Now you understand that The Great Pyramid  is not a Tesla generator or whatever else, but the most extraordinary memorial of humanity.

  Freemason have registered this seal on the famous $ 1 bill in order to broadcast this important message of memory and printed billion copies in all countries over the world.

All the hidden messages, or not, in the $ 1 bill will seem obvious now.


With the motto "In God we Trust" next to the pyramid, there is also the mysterious Latin phrase:


- Annuit Coeptis It -

meaning "We approve this entreprise"

This sentence rather banal, does not deserve to be on a seal and of course it has a hidden meaning,
The trick is very simple, just remove a "N" (and put aside)


Anu It Coeptis
Anu: God of Gods of mythology Sumerian
It: It
Coeptis: entrepresing

All is said ...


The eye has several meanings:



 It is the eye of Horus, protective God and knowledge.


It is the Eye of Providence  or the Eye of God exercising supervision over humanity.


This is also the eye of a Freemason.

It is behind a "keyhole" to mean that it monitors.


Now, look, the Pyramid with simplicity...




Quiz # 5


Where is this pyramid?

A in a desert
B in a jungle
C on the seabed


Answer C


The pyramid is not in a jungle or in the desert ... but on the seabed.
The color green is the color of the algae.

This symbolizing a pyramid under water, swallowed


Observe the ends of the parchment; they go up and appear to float like an aquatic plant still to mean "water."

This is again a reference to the sunken continent and the Flood.

 "Atlantis Found - Located with The Great Pyramid"



Now do behind the pyramid zoom at the 4th degrees from the ground
You see clearly the sea, waves and what looks like a big wave.



"The Great Seal"

Simply just remove the "L" (and put aside with N)



"The Great Sea..."


Above and below the medallion, you have two huge waves.


Harder to find ... a work of vision and concentration is needed.
you see behind a kind of fire with smoke.
This smoke with clouds draws a sort of half world map that looks like the moon.
This is clearly a planet and not Earth: Moon or Planet X ?




We also find themselves in FM symbol



And as we have seen in the video, on the top of the roof of the center of the world, which is the Royal Greenwich Observatory.



The Time Ball, "The Ball that marks Time..."




Novus Ordo Seclorum means


"New order of the ages."



The disaster is a disorder that occurs cyclically and bodes well for centuries to come, a new order.



The 13 levels of the pyramid (12 ° + base).



The 12 ° of the pyramid does not indicate a level or degree, but actually math degrees;

12 ° indicates the occurrence to which changes the axis of rotation of our planet and caused the cataclysm.see "Atlantis & The Pole Shift"







This allows us to understand that the change of inclination of the axis of rotation of our planet causes a shift in the Earth's crust and that Antarctica remained somehow on site.





This date officially is the year of The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, but you will see that this date also has significance and that is very important.

2016 corresponds to the year 6016 Masonic AL.

AL means Anno Lucis, Year of the light.

The year 0 of the FM calendar corresponds to the year  -4000 BC


Very few people knew what could match this very important year for the FM before it is revealed to you in the video.

The -4000 years BC is the date of the last visit of Planet X and the warning given by God,

 Sun rising seen from the Pyramid the spring equinox 4000BC


Remember, the Bible, the pyramids, the Flood, the Freemasons and the Planet x, everything is connected...



Everything is explained in detail in this important article : Return of Planet X, my last truth ; and in the above video.


Remember we have an N an L aside...


1776 NL - New or Next Light -

1776 is the year of the next light and therefore the next warning ...


Just convert 1776 in Masonic year:

5776 AL

Convert this year in God Calendar (Biblical calendar)

5776 AM (Anno Mundi)


MDCCLXXVI ->1776 -> 5776 AL ->5776 AM = 2015 of our calendar.


And you know what ?


The year 2015 was declared Year of the Light by The UN.



The year 2015 is the year of God's warning and corresponds to the total solar eclipse, the day of the spring equinox and the new biblical year.


 (March 2022-3/22-322 Skull's & Bones...)



Managing Director of the IMF Christine Lagarde's Illuminati Numerology Message (Number 7)



It corresponds to the opening of the first seal of the book of Revelation of John.

"Then I saw a white horse appear; its rider held a bow, he was given a crown and he went forth conquering yet to conquer. "


For those wishing more information about the 7 seals is here.




Today $ 1 bill became Machiavellian weapon of finance occult led by a very powerful enemy...




The last thing I will reveal, is not a secret but a hypothesis...


As you've found the Freemasons are the heirs of a great knowledge bequeathed by the Templars.
The Templars have not decoded the message of God, but they got it.

But how?

Books, scrolls?

This is not sufficient to justify their almost total elimination decided by the clergy and the monarchy.


Could it be that the Templars had discovered the ark?...

Is it possible that the ark is in possession of an Freemason and he can be even communicated with God?

Where is it today, which country the Freemason have they put in safety?

In the middle of the ocean? In the desert ? In the middle of a forest? Or in the mountains? ...

What would you choose?

A country different from all the others...A synonym of peace and security country ...A powerful country...

Remember, Freemason nothing hid...

But this is mere supposition…



Prepare, while there is still time.



Thank you for sharing this important article and God bless you.



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